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here i go again

we really are stable people. all this moving about is the result of circumstances which are beyond our control. the landlord went into foreclosure on the property we were living in and while we could’ve waited things out a bit i couldn’t peacefully stay there one second longer. i had to think about the upcoming school year and how i’ll be teaching kindergarten again. it has been 5 years since i taught my last kindergartener and because it is such a special year i wanted to be  settled somewhere. the move is local. we are living in a house which was the methodist pastor’s residence once upon a time in the early 1900’s. i wonder what he would think of this catholic homeschooling family living here? anyway, not so long ago it was being used as a law office, so we are reaping the benefits of a great library with tons of shelves. and a window seat. 

i am so sorry i had to go and make a whole new blog. but we since we weren’t at the little house anymore it just didn’t make sense. so if you will bear with me, here i go again! i hope you like it here. i think i do.

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