city walk





this gloomy june weather has been wonderful for all of the flowers around here. i am amazed at how many things are still blossoming and blooming. we were even treated to a thunder and lightning storm the other day and i must say that we enjoyed watching it from the loft windows. i know it won’t be long before it is too hot for anything to be outside, but until then……..we will gladly wear long sleeves and take city walks!



just for the record, my internet is up and running now, so i’ll probably be spending the weekend catching up!

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2 thoughts on “city walk

  1. What pretty flowers! I liked hearing about your city walk here and at your old blog … Sounds like a great way to spend the day! So … what book are you reading?! I need recommendations for the summer =) We have not consecrated our family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, but you have given me some inspiration, and I am going to look into it. I think we need something to get our summer off on the right foot. Well, have a blessed Sunday! “See” you soon =)

  2. Glad to find you posting again. Hope you enjoy your new home. I know what you mean about being settled before school – that’s why we moved before our house was done. Just couldn’t imagine moving and trying to get the schoolroom (not to mention the rest of the house!) set up while starting to homeschool. How fun to start a new year in a new location!

    I love to see your flower pics – they are a bright spot. Our weekend has been dreary, cloudy & rainy; the flowers are a welcome sight.

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