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“what catholic does not know,” exclaims st. gregory of nazianzen, “that the Father is truly the Father, the Son is truly the Son and the Holy Ghost, truly the Holy Ghost?”

this little excerpt was in my missal today and i thought it was great. so simple. so cut and dried.

i don’t have anything really profound to say about the Blessed Trinity, but father sure did. the one thing that struck me the most was when he mentioned that the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost should be so ever present within us that with every breath we take, they should emanate from our very being. he was much more eloquent, of course. sometimes i’d like to take notes during his sermons. other times i’d like to photograph every move he makes while he celebrates mass. i think i’d look too much like a journalist though. or a stalker. and i assure you that i am neither.

my girl and i watched arsenic and old lace on netflix. and let me tell you, we laughed so much that our faces hurt. we love cary grant. bringing up baby and the philadephia story are some of our favorites of his too, just to name a few. they just don’t make movies like they used to.

i am almost finished with my doll for craft hope. she must go out in the mail tomorrow so that i don’t miss the deadline. the little kids are begging me for homemade dolls now, so i guess i’ll work on those next. i can’t promise that i will finish them before either of them leave the house, but there is nothing wrong with starting another project, right?

i am really gardened out. i think for now i am going to stick to growing things in pots. i transplanted an awful lot of flowers this weekend and they don’t look so well. they all seem sad. or sick. maybe even both.

i am reading the rose of sebastopol right now. i haven’t gotten far enough to have an opinion about it yet as i am still so busy unpacking. and fighting with my teenager. will somebody please tell me that it gets better. that he won’t be so combatitive someday. i mean, i know i was an awful teenager. i was sneaky and sinful. and in many ways i am “getting” what i “gave”. but i was not mouthy. or disagreeable. (my mother would probably say otherwise). but then he has his moments, like when he puts a flower in my hair. or he hugs me and kisses me. and i think. ok. i won’t send you away. at least today………..


i know my hair looks messy. and greasy. but that is not the point here. the point is, he has so much potential. and i must not give up on him just because we disagree. it is just so hard to find the right way to communicate with teens. they are on such a different level as the rest of the world. i feel like he can’t relate to any of us. the younger kids. us. and so i will do with him just as i do with any difficult situation in my life. i will gently lay him in the Father’s hands and ask for a little help from the Blessed Mother.

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known………

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