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when we met with our landlord to fill out the application for this house, she remarked funny it was to see me and my husband, after all these years. and how our life together, with kids, has turned out. she recalled the days when she worked with my mom, they had shared an office and i was the teenager. you know, being the very same pain in the butt that we are now experiencing with our oldest son.

and today, i must admit, that i too laugh now and then about how “we” have turned out.

there is a chicken in my laundry room. a loose chicken, i might add. and i have a kitchen full of local, fresh, organic zucchini waiting to be made into zucchini-chocolate chip bread. littlest son and the middle kids are gone with my parents. they are spending the night with them at the “mountain house”. i am doing some sewing. the view out these loft windows is grand. the trees and clouds are so pretty today. the teenager went to work with my husband this morning. and life is pretty much good. at least at this very moment and i think we have turned out pretty well.

yes, sometimes i feel like we are playing house. but that is bound to happen when you have known someone as long as we have.

yesterday when i came home from the grocery store, he was already home from work, he opened up the gate for me and something about his face made my heart skip a beat. he looked as handsome as the first day i saw him 19 long years ago.

my girl and her nana have been reading the little house books. i listen while i sew and the other day they were on the part where almonzo comes to take laura for a ride. everyone is talking about “beaus” and we gush at all the sweet lovey things almonzo does. my hubby is no almonzo.but he never was. you see i loved the bad boy. he was the boy everyone said to stay away from. nothing good is going to come out of marrying him.

however, 19 years later. four children later. 5 houses later. a miscarriage later. this mostly quiet, sometimes crazy life that we have together, is truly a blessing from God. HE made things right for us. this man is a hard, hard worker. his boots, his rough and sometimes wounded hands tell me tales of his day at work. his clothes, often caked with concrete and other things that don’t come off easily, are a testament to what he has gone through to support us. he has always wanted for me to be home with our children, regardless of how much harder he has to work.

last night, he was watching t.v. in our room and he called for me to come and see what movie was playing. it was the notebook. no, he probably would not want me telling cyberspace that we like to watch that movie together. perhaps it is because we see a bit of ourselves in it once upon a time.

our phone calls, like the one just a few minutes ago, consist of things like, “i got some stuff to make the chicken(the last remaining chicken) a little house” or “come to my sister’s (they live around the block), i bought some carnitas so you don’t have to make dinner”. nothing spectacular. except that the love which is woven into all of these simple, mundane things, still makes me swoon.

yesterday evening i found a bunch of bolts and screws on top of the Sacred Heart altar and i asked who was responsible. middle son said it was littlest son and littlest son screamed, “he is a sucker punch liar.” we had a good laugh about this later, together, my husband and i. i certainly don’t condone any of the children calling each other “liar”. but nevertheless, whoever said nothing good was ever going to come out of us playing house was just dead wrong……….don’t you think?

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6 thoughts on “playing house

  1. sniff sniff…such a sweet post, i almost feel like i’m ruining it by commenting.

    but i have to comment on the “sucker punch liar” comment. har de har har har.

  2. love this post regan! i love how your thoughts come out on your blog… 🙂 i could’ve written some of that stuff too!

    and btw – Meet the Robinsons Soundtrack is the best! Little Wonders is the Best – and i always get teary-eyed at the end of the movie when Louis/Cornelius/Tom Selleck says “yeahhhh” and then the song starts…

    makes me teary-eyed now…

  3. Beautiful thoughts, Regan. I, too, sometimes feel like this isn’t really my life — that I’m just pretending. How could I be the mother of a 19 yo — I’m no more than 20 myself? Right? We celebrate 24 years this fall — hard to believe.

    Love that chicken.

  4. and you, my dear, are no sucker punch liar.
    i think i will have to find someway to call my husband that tonight.

  5. oops…forgot to say something nice about that sweet black chicken…..give her a hug for me….i love chickens

    I cannot wait to get some.

    I really like the type font on this reply thingy. Cool!

  6. Gush. What a lovely post.

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