her name was lola




she was a show girl. yellow feathers in her hair with a dress cut up to there. she would merengue and do the cha-cha…….i am sure you are familiar with the song. i really do love that song. i love most barry manilow songs to be quite honest. even mandy. but the question, really, is will the poor orphan who receives this doll think the same thing every time she looks at it? i mean, what was i thinking? tropical. bright colors. big lips. wide eyes.

ok. so i’d never made a doll before and my heart was in the right place. i just feel bad that she doesn’t look more little girlish. i actually sewed the whole thing by hand. excepting one of her frilly sleeves, which due to serious deadline issues had to be done on the machine. and in the end, i must say that i like making dolls. she really grew on me. i liked making her skirt. i liked how the blanket stitch makes a nice hem, the blanket stitch being on the inside of the garment. there is something very soothing about sewing by hand. for over a month she traveled all over the place with me, in a bag, along with her body parts, stuffing and all colors of threads.

i did send her barefoot, which kind of bothers me, but after a long nite of doing the cha-cha, who needs shoes anyway…….

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9 thoughts on “her name was lola

  1. I think she’s awesome. What little girl wouldn’t love a beautiful lady doll? Ad it’s summer — she doesn’t need shoes. I’d love to try my hand at a doll — did you use a pattern. I can’t remember where you posted when you started her.

  2. I agree with Barbara! It’s summer, she can go running on the beach barefoot, or walk in the meadow among the wildflowers. She turned out beautiful … the child who recieves her will love her and make up wonderful stories for her.

  3. Oh I think she is cute! I love her big eyes and full lips and most little girls run around barefoot, so shouldn’t their doll be barefoot too?

  4. love love love – and it shows in her big eyes and big lips!

    you are very funny 🙂

  5. she looks awesome!
    and besides, music and passion are always in fashion.

  6. Carol on said:

    How much would you charge to make two for my little girls? I LOVE it!

  7. Lola turned out great, Regan! I agree with all the ladies, no need for shoes in the summer =) I am sure that the little girl who receives her will cherish her always! Oh, and I think Barry Manilow is great, too … Every time I hear “Can’t Smile Without You,” I think of my mom. It’s “our” song!

  8. She turned out lovely. She’s a toy! Any girl would be proud to have this doll!! I agree that there is something soothing about hand sewing a doll. I have enjoyed making the ones I have made. I’m going to make more in the future. I saw an add in a magazine where there’s a store that sells HI print fabrics. Hmmmmm. yeah, you know where I’m going with that. And, I have a pot holder book – teaches how to make them etc., and I’ll expand on that since I have my own ideas about what to make. The book is in our household goods shipment. I really do not expect to make much until October/November. There’s too much going on until then to get settled, kids into school, certified to do daycare in my home etc. etc.
    But, anyway, I like everything you make so far (that you have shared with us).
    Keep on keeping on.

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