so i have had all of these obligations to fulfill as of late. there are the family ones, like graduations. of cousins. and charter school end of the year paperwork. and then there was the craft hope doll. a book ordering deadline for NEXT YEAR. dance practices and tuxedo fittings for this quincinera that my son is going to be in. and, oh, let’s say, cooking a healthy dinner. perhaps washing some bath towels. and last but not least, my obligation to tell you all what i am up to.

busy-ness abounds and i am fighting it tooth and nail. i want to go berry picking tomorrow. or sew.  snuggle up on the couch with some good stories. drink tea and stay in my jammies all day. but this week. and the next, just won’t allow for it. i don’t know what made me think that when my kids got bigger things would somehow be easier.

and in the middle of it all is a little guy who often gets lost in the shuffle. of big kids. and their obligations. which inevitably become our obligations.

do you ever just want to run away from it all? well don’t tell my family, but i do. i mean i love them dearly. but sometimes like i feel like they are sucking the very life out of me.

my girl went to spend the night with a little friend who is moving out of state next week. the phone rang at 12:30 last night. she was crying. come and pick me up mama. i miss you. i miss my bed. i miss home. my heart was racing. i changed. my husband woke up and said, take the teenager with you. and be careful. i did. and we were.

middle son shot out the glass door of the law office right across from our house. husband and the boys cleaned it up. we left a note. and went to talk to them on monday morning. i expect the bill any day now, as a shiny new door is visible every time i go out in the yard. the same yard which is home to our growing, supposed to be shrinking, pet family. i imagine they don’t appreciate the “petting zoo” we’ve set up for the viewing pleasure of their clients.

my point to all this rambling? i don’t have one. there is no rule that posts have to have a point, right? i am just chit chatting. it is late and i am tired. tomorrow i will actually go and visit a friend in real life. i am really bad about keeping up those relationships. until they start to corner me. and make me commit to dates. which is probably better because i am such a hermit. saturday i have a meeting for the vbs i’ll be teaching this summer. we all need to go to confession. and we are going out of town for a baptism in the afternoon. sunday. rest. next week is a blur. it is 11:20 and i guess i’ll go and look for someone to snuggle with. it’s not too late for a story.

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6 thoughts on “obligations

  1. Our lives are such a parallel. I’d like to come over and sit on the couch for some tea and we could parallel read our books!

  2. Ah, Regan…the bigger they are, the busier YOU are!

    And feel free to “chit-chat” anytime…I love the conversation and am ever in need of a good friend…

  3. I can relate, Regan. There are days when I want nothing more than some alone time … I know that might sound terrible to some, and I feel slightly guilty for feeling that way, as I LOVE my family! But there you go, it’s the truth. I don’t need a fancy get-away or anything like that, just the occasional time alone, at home, to read, knit, sip something yummy, and I feel refreshed! I do wish it happened more often than it does, but I will take (and appreciate) what I can get!

    Have a wonderful weekend! God bless!

  4. did you say “shot out” as in with a gun??? Or a ball? What a crazy life you got there going my friend. Yes..for sure-meet up with some real friends to get some real hugs. But I am sending you one. Hang in there and I can feel the straws of lots of people sucking on me too. I love my family but all the running here and there gets old.

    I am like you. I want life to slow down and I need some more time on a picnic blanket staring at the sky.

  5. regan on said:

    barb, i’d love nothing more than for you to come and sit for a spell. if only the miles did not separate us so…if only….

    kimberly, i hope that i can at the very least be that to you, a good friend. you have certainly been that for me.

    sarah, i am sure all those little ones take up so much of your time. at least i have the benefit of bigger ones that do help, albeit begrudgingly, sometimes.

    and christine, i am afraid that, yes, it was a bb gun that did the trick for the window at the law office. i’d like some time on a picnic blanket to my friend. in fact i’d like to sew a new picnic blanket…..again….if only….

    i am at least glad that the general consensus is. us moms need a break sometimes!

  6. Make mine Lady Gray or hell, I’ll make my own and join you. I bet even when you are silent, you make great company. 😉

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