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i can relate

my morning usually sets the tone for the whole day. so if that doesn’t go well….. well, you get the picture. although sometimes there are those redeeming moments which slip themselves in every once in a while. little gifts from a gracious Heavenly Father, which if i let them, can sort of salvage my shattered expectations. expectations which, i might add, aren’t very high these days.

but when the first words you hear from your daughter are, “for some reason the tooth fairy didn’t come last night”….if you are me, you cringe. you cringe because you have to perpetuate the little white lies. “well, what did you put the tooth in?” “the plastic glitter vial”, she says. “oh, no wonder she didn’t come. how is she supposed to manage that lid. it was probably too hard for her to open.”

so we find the little pocket i made last year sometime. it’s been that long since she last lost a tooth. and we’ll try it again tonite. i just hope those magical stars really do work. or i am so firing that tooth fairy. she has done this  too many times for my liking…..

but my softer side says maybe she’s just been busy. maybe last nite she stayed on the computer longer than she should’ve and by the time she went downstairs everyone was already asleep. it wasn’t that late. but they were all tired. she is probably already being hard on herself about the whole affair so let’s be patient and forgiving. i, for one, am willing to forgive her. this time anyway. i think i can relate just a bit.


happy weekend friends. i’ll be taking a break from this spot for a few days. i’m feeling really guilty about this slight mishap. i know i am probably being too hard on myself. but i just hate being too busy to pay attention to the little things. have a blessed feast of Corpus Christi!

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