small things

with great love.




i think one of the biggest problems with blogging is covetousness. at least for me it is. i look at other blogs and love other people’s flowers. sewing. travels……etc. etc. but as Christians, i know that we have a higher calling. a calling which demands that we find the lovliness in our own small corner of the world and that we thank the ONE who sends that lovliness our way. unfortunately this particular season i am in is not one of great skillful progress. this season involves lots of kid/teenager supervision. running to and fro. loads and loads of laundry. endless cooking and dishes. (i did just move, i keep telling myself).

but thankfully, with HIS grace i am finding peace in the midst of it all. at least for today.

i don’t have a lot of fancy projects to show off. i sure wish i did. i have a million things in my head, but i’ll consider myself lucky if i ever finish this one pot holder i started in early may. but don’t those potatoes look delicious? dinner was great tonite! i grew those chives. and that darling little violet was showing me her pretty face as i swept the back porch this afternoon. everyone has an abundance of clean clothes. our tummies are full and i am pretty tired. .

 i guess maybe i just needed to see something beautiful, from my own life, in print. to remind myself of how blessed i am. and i am sure you are too….so goodnite friends…though you will probably be reading this in the morning. which will be perfect because then you’ll have a whole day to think of your own small things. and the GREAT love which is behind every bit of it.

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8 thoughts on “small things

  1. What a great post, Regan. So true. Sometimes I have to remember to see things supernaturally – especially when the immediate world around me is awash with the flotsam and jetsam of family life (and mess). It may look like chaos to the outside observer, but God is smiling.

  2. Regan, you DO have beautiful things all around you. That’s what originally attracted me to reading and looking at your blog. It’s the pictures and the way you write. Sometimes it’s hard to see our own beauty amidst the crowd ….

    It’s a wonderful gift to see beauty in all things; all do not have that ability. I’m still working on seeing the beauty in ‘everyone’ around me. I think that might take me a lifetime or at least until the ‘everyone’ reaches adulthood!

  3. Regan…YOU are the blessing!

    How you bless those around you…I happily include myself in that “bunch…”

    Thank you for sharing your small blessings…a big blessing for those of us who care about and pray for you and yours…

  4. One of the things I have always admired about you is how well you see the beauty in the ordinary of your life. That comes across so clearly in your words and photographs. I’m sure it’s not always easy, but deep down, it’s still there! This is something you have been teaching me to do, little did you know =) So, thanks for the inspiration and blessing, friend! God bless your day!

  5. YOU are the gift, here, and what you share is your heart – unadulterated and pure. I love you for that. Your blog-ship really blesses me.
    I’m sitting at the hotel desk in my room with a nice breeze caressing my back . . . drinking a Royal Kona 100% vanilla macadamia nut flavoured coffee (black). It’s so good. I finally found a place nearby that sells a cuppa for a buck!
    As soon as my hubs gets his intestines straightened out, we’ll venture out to another part of the island called “Kailua”. We are going to see the area and possibly the outside (since it’s currently occupied, we think) of a place we may be able to rent until housing is available. Final decision on where to rent will come tomorrow. If we do not hear from the Kailua property person, we’ll finalize a deal with the apartment in Honolulu. Pretty nice digs, but pricey.
    God bless you!

  6. I am so glad I stumbled upon this post today Regan! It was JUST what I needed to read tonight, after a very frustrating day. Thank you!

    Oh, and your photos are just gorgeous as always! =)

  7. beauty in the ordinary

    sounds great 🙂

    my 9yo therese is reading a bio about mother teresa [BLESSED mother teresa] – she is one of her name sakes [actually 2, but that’s a long story – i’ll have to share one day]. so when i saw the knitted sari, it was so beautiful. Little things. beautiful things.

    have a blessed day regan. you sure have a way with words. thank God for that today 🙂

  8. oh you silly, stop it! beauty in the everyday – in the ordinary – your blog speaks loads to this and is why I tune in. it always looks so peaceful and homey…

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