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first of all, i wanted to say that your comments today warmed my heart. i was at my parents most of the day, surrounded by the simple beauty that is literally in every corner of the house i grew up in.  and i came home, read my messages and will go to bed very uplifted, surrounded  by your sweet words. how truly, truly blessed i am.


that post i wrote last night, like so many of my posts these days, come from out of the blue. i can’t and don’t plan, the way i’d like to, what i am going to write about. because that was just too much trouble. (read-it has, after all, taken me 2 failed blogs to “get it right”). and when i say get it right, i don’t even mean that there is a right way or wrong way to “blog” per se. rather, each person has to find their niche. and i, dear friends, have found mine. and it just so happens to be one, where this place, is sort of as if you were to stop by my house, on any given day. if you catch me on a good day, we can talk about cooking and sewing. on a bad day, i might vent a bit about that teenager. or the growing mountains of laundry. or even my broken mama heart. but this is pretty real. note, i probably wouldn’t show you any pictures of said dirty laundry, because then you might not even want to come back!

but i believe this is the only way that i can be truly successful at blogging. by just being me. because let’s face it. the only thing i am really good at, is being me


the holy father has asked us to use the internet for good. to spread the gospel. and i think that this is how i can best respond to that call. i certainly don’t know all the answers. about anything. but what little i have learned in all my years as a homeschooling mother. a wife. a catholic. i am more than willing to share with other like minded people such as yourselves. which means that i wouldn’t even be up for debate.


there was a time in my life, not so long ago, that darkness was all that surrounded me. but believe it or not, i found light on the internet of all places. and being ever the optimist, i wanted to be a part of that light. this was something entirely different to me, reaching out across cyberspace and finding comfort and support. inspiration. and sometimes even a creative shove. and so now, my goal is only to give, even if it is just a tiny bit andwithout shirking any of my responsiblities here, that which was given to me.


 so again, i thank all of you ladies who have blessed me. i thank all of the lovely flowers: white and orange roses, coreopsis, dianthus as tall as my hips (and grapes too!)  in my mother’s garden who posed for me today! but MOST of all, i thank my God, our God, who surrounds us all, in the loving embrace of Father and Creator. Son, Redeemer and Saviour of the world. and the ever sanctifying Holy Spirit.

~A     M     E     N~

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