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speaking of peaches

not that we were. yet anyway. but does anything scream “june!” more than a ripe peach? i think not. so look at this pretty peach. it is growing on my parent’s tree in their back yard. does it look like a heart to you? well, my girl and i see a heart. and we do love peaches. we also love reading about them. this is one of our favorite peach stories. it is a tearjerker. and might have your children. and possibly even you. not wanting to eat peaches. 



however, should you decide you’ll still be eating peaches  here  is a recipe i found while looking for a really good (and possibly easier cheddar cheese bagel recipe). but probably won’t get around to making this week. that is unless my kids keep giving me that look. you know that look that says, “we are so not loved unless you make us this tart.” so let me know if you try it before i do. it looks so yummy!


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