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 did i mention that i love shoes? i always have. probably since i was a tiny girl and i was given my first pair of high heels. my grandmother’s friend passed away, she was a small lady, and my grandma had been given some her things. well, i spied some gloves and a pair of red high heels with a strap around the ankle. i was hooked.

my mother had a friend named martha and martha came over often. and when she did, she brought with her the most exotic looking shoes. flats with sequins.  strappy gold sandals with a slight heel. martha was also a tiny lady, of oriental origin, whose feet were

one year my grandmother took me school shopping and bought me a pair of turquoise flats. i think my whole wardrobe became shades of turquoise that year just to accommodate those shoes.

then there was the summer i took ballet lessons. after the “fling” with ballet was over, i was into ballet shoes. needless to say they wore out quickly and i always needed another pair. sometimes they were white. others black or pink.

somehow, though, over the years as my children increased, the number of shoes lining my closet became fewer and fewer. kids need so many things you know. like food. electricity. piano lessons and such.

somehow, also, with each child i became clumsier. and my heels got flatter and flatter. and then gasp….suddenly all i wear are flip flops. if i am feeling daring i’ll buy a pair of leather ones, with a pretty flower right between my toes. and just recently i did splurge a little with these.

i guessi shouldn’t let my girl watch that what not to wear show.  i think she sees me in practically every person they feature. the lowest point for me was when they recently brought mayim balik of the t.v. show blossom. i so loved that show. i even had one of those hats she used to wear with a rather large floral arrangement on it. i never thought there was anything wrong with the way she dressed.

but anyway, my point to all this rambling, at a time when i really should be in bed, was just to show you my party shoes. i’ll be wearing these all day and night tomorrow. i hope i can still feel my feet by the end of the evening. i wonder what kind of shoes blossom would wear to a party…….

happy, happy weekend friends. God bless fathers everywhere. yours. and most especially mine.

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6 thoughts on “party shoes

  1. They are cute. I don’t buy cute & fun shoes that often, but recently bought a similar pair.

  2. I hope you can dance by the end of the night! I live in my Birkenstocks, and when I’m not in them, my feet hurt. 😉

  3. are you going to a party or just wearing them because you now have them? i dig em, super cute!!
    i hope, once i lose all this stupid weight (so maybe in like 10 years) someone nominates me for what not to wear!!

  4. I am 5 foot 4 inches with 9 1/2 size feet. I have huge toes! I know …………gross gross gross!

    Cool shoes!

  5. I remember Blossom! I loved that show, too. Ha!! I hadn’t thought of that in so long … Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. Your shoes are too cute. I hope you had lots of fun!

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