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still on my toes





those party shoes were so that i could go and keep a watchful eye on this young man. he was in that quincinera this weekend and the whirlwind of festivities involved in this “coming out ball” of sorts, for a girl who turned 15, kept me on my fashionable toes!

 i am glad it is over though. so much running around. haven’t really been able to enjoy summer fully. now if i could just get thru the tiny party on wednesday for my girl who turns ten. it will be on a much smaller scale than this grand affair we’ve just been to. just 5 little girls. a lemon-chocolate cake. lots of little finger foods. a few games and mostly just some good, old-fashioned doll playing. a girl needs that you know.

well, the reality of monday is here with a vengance. i’m on my toes again. just without the heels. the dishes. the laundry. taking the suit back. grocery shopping. a quick thrift store run to look for a better bowl for the chicken’s water because she keeps tipping it over. i have a headache that even a piece of dark chocolate didn’t seem to cure. i think it is from lack of coffee. i only drank it once this weekend, but every time i do, i regret it because this is what happens to me.

and no, i didn’t drink the weekend away, with all of the festivities/holidays going on. i have a teenager to keep an eye on, remember? shame on you for thinking such things……..

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