for all the ways





new years pics 032

Easter 2007 001


you’ve colored my world pink. purple. red. yellow. and peach. for your big brown eyes. your soft little cheeks. your smile. for your book-wormness. library loving. sharing of strawberries and cream. sunset and flower walks. thrifting companionship. dollies. tea parties. frilly dresses. fairies. garden help. cooking lessons. laughter. tears. scrapes and bruises. learning to ride your bike. piano lessons. concerts and plays. nail biting. braids. for the million ways that you are so much like me, yet very much your own person. i thank the God who gave you to me. and pray that He wills to give you many, many, more birthdays. years with which to love HIM, serve HIM, know HIM and to be with HIM one day forever. my beautiful. beautiful. girl.

happy birthday. love always, mama.

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5 thoughts on “for all the ways

  1. How sweet! Happy birthday!!!!

  2. She’s so sweet! I’m sure the birthday part was fun to plan and have, too.

    I only have one daughter, as well. Didn’t think I’d get a daughter (product of having four brother between my sis and I … and having to wait 13 years for her!) or I thought I’d have to wait a LONG time.

  3. That was beautiful, Regan. She sounds like such a sweet girl. I hope she has a wonderful birthday. May God continue to bless her and shower her with His love. Enjoy the day!

  4. happy birthday to your sweet daughter!!!

  5. how lovely! My world is fairly pink-free, as I have two little boys. But they still share many of the sweet characteristics you listed. God bless you all.

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