lemony snippets

or rather, i guess this post could be called: what i do when i should be sleeping. but i thought lemony snippets was much more catchy. it is almost 5am and i have yet to sleep. i can hear the trash man. i wonder how he can even see. it is still dark outside. i wonder how i’ll be feeling in 7 hours, with a house full of little girls, well, not really full, but 6 is a lot, considering it is usually just me and my girl. i should’ve taken something to relax. but there was a cake to be made. lemon. with chocolate/sour cream/cream cheese frosting. and miles of wood floors that needed mopping. and it seemed so much more fun to stay up and make these pom pom daisies and birthday banner. martha stewart would be proud that i copied her daisies so nicely. not happy because i didn’t buy the ones in the store. but proud. my girl said to me, “but how will you make the petals, mom?” and i am so terrible that i almost felt like it was a challenge. so, 12 petals. cut imperfectly. tacky glue and a yellow pom pom for the center. and did you notice that i took the cake out of the oven with a completed pot holder? yes, i finally finished it. i even taught myself how to finish it. i’ve already started another one. it is white cotton. so impractical for the kitchen, i know. but i am dying to edge it with some pretty crochet lace i made. my very own pattern.

this party was supposed to be simple you know. finger foods. veggies. cake and icecream. but for some reason i don’t work well with simple. i waited until the eleventh hour to do everything. it seems that i only work well under immense pressure. i know it is a terrible character flaw. so, do tell me what you all do when you can’t sleep. and don’t tell me you pray. i only can seem to do that if i actually make it to bed and am just laying there (sorry mom). another character flaw, yes. so if you don’t hear from me for 3 days, you’ll know it is because i am sleeping somewhere. but at least i have left you with these yummy lemony snippets.

and btw. that cake came out sinfully yummy too. i won’t tell you how i managed a taste. it totally has to do with yet another character flaw and i am afraid i have revealed far too much for one nite! ok. i really must go. i am now hearing birds chirping………






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3 thoughts on “lemony snippets

  1. Good morning! Martha has nothing on you, honey! Lemon and chocolate, be still my heart. I used to have insomnia quite badly and I can’t say I ever did anything productive. Definitely nothing lovely and meaningful! I couldn’t even pray well. Mostly I just tramped downstairs to the couch, turned out every tiny light and laid there – for a long time. I hope you have time for a well earned luxurious nap preceded by a cup of fragrant tea and a few pages of good book.

  2. Well, it’s coming up on five AM here in Honolulu . . . I’ve been up since a little before three with my TMJ (jaw pain) in high gear . . . sat on the chair in the living room for a while, then took some Motrin . . . that got my tum rumbling so I ate a bowl of Honey Comb (that junk is good this early, too). So, I wile away times like this reading . . . but you know, I am sitting here in the dark with this laptop at the table, afraid to turn on a lamp . . . this condo is small enough that I fear the one lamp being on bright enough for me to read/cross stitch would flood the place and wake everyone. 🙂

    That cake sounds delish! Hope you got some rest and that the party will go on w/out a hitch! I’m sure it will.

    HUGS galore,

  3. I generally have to tast the corner of baked goods. It’s the ‘baker’s corner’ rule. Frosting can cover up a LOT!

    As for sleeping, I keep waking up early … 3:30a-4a. I blamed last night on my late afternoon/evening sips of Dr. Pepper that turned into more than sips. Sometimes, I do laundry; I generally get a cup of tea, but most often I turn on the computer and organize my list because that’s what is zipping through my mind … what I have to do or what I should be doing (but can’t because it’s too darn early)!

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