summer lights

during hot summer nights doesn’t it seem like regular old lights just won’t do? i lit candles all over the house and it  had such a magical effect on everyone. the kids turned out all the lights and played hide-n-go-seek in the dark. there is really nothing more fun to do in a big, old house such as this. with lots of closets and secret places to hide, i so enjoyed all of the squeals of anticipation of being found out and the laughter of the “seeker” ringing throughout the whole house. it truly was music to my ears. there was one slight incident of someone falling out a window. from downstairs, luckily. but it wasn’t long before they were at it again.


 when it was time to close everything up, i went out and called gordo to come inside and he was nowhere to be found. i was upset and so my husband came out to help me look for him. i was already out the gate, calling his name, whistling softly. annoyed because i couldn’t figure out why my dear husband was fooling with the rabbits at a time like this. well, evidently gordy wanted to sleep with the rabbits tonite. in their cage. that fat bulldog opened the rabbit cage from the top. climbed in. and was sleeping with ginger and pickles. it was too dark for a picture. but it is something i will not soon forget. my husband said that he noticed the other day that the cage was really tweaked on the top and this probably was not his first time. thank goodness he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. he has never harmed any of the other animals. not the kittens or the chickens. he is just one silly dog!


(glow sticks in the bathtub….FUN.FUN.FUN. the green one makes “hulk juice” and the others look kinda like light sabers. who knew these things were so great as bath toys?)

after much needed rest today. and lots of praying and spiritual reading off and on. i feel so refreshed. living waters. i read a lot about those. and also doing the will of the Father. isn’t it wonderful the way He provides the right words at the right times. He is really the best summer LIGHT. during these summer nights.


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3 thoughts on “summer lights

  1. Fun summer stuff. I don’t know why, but fire is so much more fun in the summer!

  2. Thanks for the glow stick in the tubby idea. Never heard of that! Sounds cool! I might try it myself!

  3. I’ve always wanted to get a strand or two of those summery lights that they sell in the patio section of stores like Target. You know, they’re like Christmas lights, but the shapes are different, bigger, like lanterns or butterflies … They look so festive! But I’ve never known how or where to put them … And now that we’re trying to sell our house, having things strung around is not possible. Maybe in the new house I’ll have just the spot =)

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