some great things

from others:

a yarn basket

fabric scrap memory game

an alphabet quilt

child’s travel pillow

market bags

friendship bracelets

and not nearly as creative, but nevertheless, from us:


water balloons





rootbeer floats

rootbeer floats

can you tell what age group i am mostly hanging out with these days? and that i am trying to find ways to keep the t.v. off and still stay sane….happy weekending friends. stay cool.

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6 thoughts on “some great things

  1. My hubby and the kids had rootbeer floats today, too. I had already had a treat, so I passed on the float.

    I can comisserate on keeping kids busy and off electronics. They worked hard today and did pretty good about not complaining, so we let them play a bit of computer (it’s really a super windy day – not fun to be outside). I was already planning to do a movie night if they worked hard.

  2. Loverly links — thanks. 😉

  3. These projects are great! I wish I had a bit more creative skill to do such things. I am such a beginner! But I do remember friendship bracelets from my girlhood!! Your “great things” are great, too, of course =) I’ve thought about getting a yard bowling set for the kids but wasn’t sure how well it worked. (Like, do they fall down a lot?) I imagine the wood pins are better than the plastic … Root beer floats are the best!! My husband is a big root beer fan, and so I’m always looking for different ones for him to try. His fave is Henry Weinhard’s. It’s hard to find (and a bit pricey), but I got some for him for a b-day treat! I bet it would make awesome floats! Hmmm …

  4. Thanks for including me in your links! Your bowling set is adorable and I could practically swim in the root beer floats–it is so hot here!

  5. A little surprise waits for you at my place… come see! It’s not quite what you think!

  6. Sarah on said:

    That’s the only way I’ll have my rootbeer. 🙂
    I had a raspberry chocolate chunk Blizzard the day before yesterday. De-lish! It’s been hot – needed something like that for many reasons!
    Hubs took kids to a film and I’m doing laundry by my lonesome. It’s nice.


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