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copycat, sort of

this is going to be such a blah post. it is just too hot for me to produce much worthy of being published. when we came home from mass it was 94 degrees upstairs.

i do have a few things on my mind. my spelling is really horrible at this late hour, so i should keep it short. you ought to see what a fool i made of myself at regina’s. sorry r. i had to quit commenting for fear of further erring.

so, i think i am ready to be kicked off of the catholic mother’s online blogroll any second. if i haven’t already. somehow i don’t think i posted the icon/scroll down thing correctly. there is no blogroll showing. i don’t know if i have the skill to fix it.

my keyboard is acting up. probably needs batteries. is it just me or does something always need batteries. phones. toys. mouse-es. cameras.

do you still lullaby your kids to sleep? i do. the two little ones still need stories and songs. and face to face. cheek to cheek . breath becoming one. contact. warm milk. tea. footrubs. benadryl. more stories. different songs. like ones that don’t make them cry. comforting because of “issues”. childhood traumas like “i never got a chocolate cake for my birthday.” and then darling daughter, who has no patience for anyone’s drama but her own, begins a moral dissertation on how there are children in this world who have never even had chocolate cake…… makes me tired just writing about it. longfellow called it the children’s hour. and it is. at least for me and mine. the most precious and serious talk of the day tends to come out during this hour. they have my undivided attention. unless i am secretly wishing i was sewing or something when said drama ensues. but it is during these times when things like: “what did i do when i was a baby and you tried to leave me mama?” come out of little mouths. “when you were a baby, i never left you because i loved you so much”, i tell him. “do you love me now?” he asks. “more than anything in the whole world.” (excepting brothers and sissy, of course) and then there is this part of me that wonders if the jackson children even have it as good as mine do. i mean with their father’s millions do they know how rich  we are? i mean these kids (mine) are treated like royalty. which is why i cannot comprehend why my oldest seems hell bent on breaking my heart almost on a minute by minute basis. well, enough of that. but if you have one of these, you know. you will nod and not think me crazy, rude or mean. it is just so hard to balance out all the lives, emotions, wants and needs of so many little people and even the not-so-little ones that so think they don’t need me. when in reality they do. LORD, please bless all the mamas in this world who try to do Your will in raising godly children in an ungodly world.

jennifer has given me an award, which i am humbled to receive. be sure to visit her and tell her how cute she is! and what an awesome writer!

and finally, something worth showing. a copycat-sort of- market bag. or actually a library bag for a little girl who likes to look fashionable when she is bringing books home. i really didn’t use anyone’s “pattern”. so in that way, i am not being a copycat. i have one more cut out. another half-way sewn. and another in my mind. i can’t believe that i am actually cutting into some of my vintage sheets and fabric. this hurts you know.

hope your monday is filled with some kind of loveliness.



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