so much to do

and so little time. i had so many lovely little things to tell you tonite. but i am just plain tired. my duties here at home have caused this “place” to be a bit neglected. but you understand, right? we all have those days. weeks. and i really don’t see an improvement on the horizon. tomorrow morning i begin the daunting task of teaching 18 first graders about the MASS. the “class” will be five days long. i have studied. read. prepared. and i am sure most of it really won’t matter. things will ultimately go differently than my “vision”. you know what they say about the best laid plans. and besides, that is just how it is with children and timing. snacks. games. and such. but that is ok. (sorry i tend to repeat myself when i am nervous). the most important thing, i think, will be to instill in their little hearts just Who is in that host turned God. the miracle of His presence on earth until the end of time. and how we must be reverent. collected. prepared. thankful. contrite. and yes, even giddy, that He is here. and this is the closest we will get to Him this side of heaven. if you please, when you read this, say a little prayer for me. i am so gonna need it. i’ll try to get back here if i can. you know kids say the darndest things and i am sure in that respect i’ll have much to write about! have a blessed. blessed week.

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5 thoughts on “so much to do

  1. I am sure you will do a beautiful job telling His little ones all about Mass and His very real presence in the Eucharist. I will keep you in prayer that all goes very well, and that this is truly a blessed week for the kids and also for you.

  2. Have a great week! My kids are up at my parents to attend summer VBS this week. My desire for them is to have fun learning about their faith while in the presence of other kids who are just as excited.

  3. Best of luck. I am SURE you will do well because the Holy Spirit will guide you. I look forward to hearing your ‘after’ stories!

  4. i am sure you will do superb!

  5. Hope it’s all going well! What a blessing – for you and for them!

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