in case you are wondering

i have been having such a great time this week. but those first graders are wearing me out. there is so much energy in my classroom, that one shot of espresso just doesn’t cut it! we have all been coming home and taking naps. from the smallest to the biggest. and i must say it has been nice. it has been wonderful for us to do this as a family. the words of Jesus, “let the little children COME unto Me”, have played a very integral part in our whole week. finding the right way to present the Mass. instructing on just what exactly is happening has not been an easy task. but they are sponges, these little ones. i am telling you, they are not intimidated by words like transubstantiation. exodus. passover. the angel of death. bitter. homily. purificator. chalice. collect. one should never underestimate the learning capability of the young. and i say that sincerely. after all, i took 20 kids to exposition of the Blessed Sacrament today. and they had no qualms about believing it was HIM. there is power in the REAL PRESENCE. He is so there. i felt Him. and even though we had our moments. like when some of them wondered if they’d “die” if they touched the tabernacle. confusing it a bit with the story of the ark of the covenant. i am so  glad we visited Him. i just know He blessed our day. this whole week. my whole life, really. and i have to say that i am kind of sad that tomorrow is our last day. it happened so fast. but isn’t every good thing kind of like that? it’s all over too soon.

hope all is well with you and yours. and that you are keeping cool. we’ve actually been experiencing some really beautiful weather. very rare for july. our sunset skies have been unlike any i’ve ever seen. that’s probably not entirely true,  but then again we have the Ultimate artist in charge of that, don’t we?

speaking of art, i did a quick watercolor picture yesterday (at home with my own kids). i’ve found that it is better to sit with the two little ones when they paint. i’d really been wanting to paint a few of our beach pictures. this was the only one i managed to get done. and i like it. even though the water isn’t grey enough. and i did make those palms a bit spiky-er. they were too rounded.


well, off to basketball practice i am. ‘bye for now.

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8 thoughts on “in case you are wondering

  1. nice job on the watercolour. It’s lovely.
    I’m glad you’re having a good, blessed time this week.

  2. This week did go fast, didn’t it! My kids come back home tomorrow, too. Grandma has reported that they’ve had a great time, but it will be fun to hear about their week of VBS from them.

    The painting is great. You are so good about exposing your kids to arts & crafts.

    • regan on said:

      ah suzie, i only expose them so much because i like to do so many arts and crafts myself. i guess you could say those are selfish motivations. but i want so much for them to discover their own creative talents. and if we just so happen to spend the time doing together, well, then it’s even better! hope your kids had a great week. and it looks like you’ve gotten some time to yourself. which you so deserve!

  3. What a great week, a holy week, a week of discovery. That makes for the best kind of tired!

  4. our july has been wonderful as well. *very* unusual! The fourth of July was incredible – nice cool breeze…
    God is so good 🙂

  5. It’s wonderful you’re enjoying your week — that could definitely go the other way with very little effort, if you know what I mean.

    Love the watercolor. Also love the water color — it’s perfect. Grey enough.

  6. will you adopt me?

  7. The faith of little children is amazing, isn’t it? They are so pure of heart and so open to God’s truths. They are so accepting of everything and with such love. That is why He tells us that unless we turn and become like children, we will not enter the kingdom of heaven! Wow! I guess we can learn a lot from these wee ones, as we try to teach them and instill in them the treasures of our faith.

    I’m so glad the week was good for you, for your entire family. What a wonderful thing to do together!

    And the water color painting is lovely! I think it’s cool that you do your crafty projects right along side your kids. They will have that memory of togetherness, which is so precious!

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