ordinary days

“some of them God made high & great days. and some of them He put in the number of ordinary days.” ~Eccl. 33:10

well, technically yesterday was a feast day, so that doesn’t count as ordinary. but around here, everything has been pretty ordinary. but i am ok with that. not having a functioning computer screen for a few days did my heart and home good. i have been cooking a lot. catching up on the laundry. reading this book-which has my mind racing. praying more. keeping things tidy and neat, in spite of the summer schedule. i even had a day out with my father. we went to breakfast. lunch. antiquing. and then dinner.


i picked up my oldest from his retreat yesterday afternoon. he returned feisty as ever. but he did benefit from daily adoration, mass and Holy Communion. he is tan-ner. his green eyes stick out more than ever and i am trying to enjoy his presence. especially after my guilt stemming from sending him without all the things he needed-due to a late sent email listing what he was supposed to bring-which i couldn’t retrieve due to my non-working screen. littlest son cleared my conscience by saying, “that’s what he gets for not behaving for us.” out of the mouths of babes…….


there are a few new faces in the hen house, keeping my dream for EGGS alive. our black bunny ran away again. let’s hope he comes back. in this hot weather i wonder what he is doing for water. the piano is finally coming tomorrow so i have some re-arranging of furniture to do today.

my first corn tortillas!

my first corn tortillas!

hope you are enjoying your summer, whether it is exciting or just plain ordinarily wonderful like mine.

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7 thoughts on “ordinary days

  1. I really like ordinary days … days where there’s nothing ‘huge’ to do and no travel or deadlines.

  2. I’ve missed reading about you, since your computer has been down. Your days always seem exciting to me, even if they seem ordinary to you.

  3. Oh I love love love that chicken. Still no chickens at our home. Seems like it is just so hard to figure out how to do it all.

  4. Love, love to hear of your ordinary times…sweet to be able to say ordinary, when extraordinary can sometimes mean trouble!

    Your chickie looks very sweet. Our six ladies are thriving…enjoying the moderate temperatures, while hubby and sons construct a chicken palace of monumental proportions.

    I just might have to move into the hen house…it’s pretty roomy!

    Thanks for sharing, sweet Regan. Blessings for all your ordinary days!

  5. Sometimes the ordinary days are the best days. They seem more peaceful, don’t they? I am glad you are having a good summer! God bless you!

  6. WOW, those are thick corn tortillas. i bet they were delish!

  7. Well, were the corn tortillas good?????

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