nothing profound

IMG_5789i don’t know that i have anything very profound to report this evening. today there was a basketball game. our team won. 48 to 26 was the score.

it has been so humid here. and the outrageous cost of our june electric bill has caused me to re-evaluate what number we can comfortably keep the thermostat at. 78 was great. but i had a really sick feeling when i saw what 78 costs. needless to say any and all upstairs chores have to be completed either later in the evening or very early in the morning, because that is the only time it is even bearable up here. my computer is upstairs too, which is the main reason behind my infrequent posting. y’all wouldn’t want me to faint just so i can let you know what is going on in my world, now would you? besides i am rather enjoying the emails back and forth that some of my dear little friends and i have been sharing.

in fact this morning i was a little hormonal  teary-eyed thinking about communities. and some of the people i have met because of blogging.. nothing negative, mind you. just a bunch of wonderful, faithful, loving women, many of whom i’d like to bring together for a home-cooked meal, here. with candles and twinkling lights. some good wine. laughter and conversation. and while i know that is highly unlikely, unless i were to win the lottery or something. i want you all to know how lovely you are.

nadja recently gave me the true heart award again and this is my official thank you to her. if you have never visited her, please do. she is so sweet i could eat her. but that would be cannibalism. and besides she has a precious new gem to take care of. and if you are reading this and have not received this award for some reason, i hereby bestow it upon you, you wonderful readers!

i am also very excited-and nervous- to say that i have been commissioned-meaning getting paid– by a dear friend in real life to make her two darling daughters some handmade dolls-like my lola– for Christmas. i am rather nervous. i don’t know that i have all of the doll making kinks worked out, so if anyone has any pointers they’ve learned along the way, please feel free to let me know.

and finally, this quaint little picture is of  some felted blueberries i made for the dollies to eat. they need their anti-oxidants too. i have a bunch more cut out, but a whole basket full will take time.  don’t they look adorable in that tiny depression type dish? they aren’t real antiques. but i just knew my girl would love them.

 i am reading a novel. i left it at my parents’ house and my mother took it over for a week. she gave it a pretty good review. like a good mother she said there were a few subtle things she wanted to cross out with a marker. but i gently reminded her that we don’t do such things to library books. it promises to be a page turner. and after that terrible murder-mystery that i just read-and was GRAVELY disappointed in-in the end-i hope it delivers. i don’t know that i’ll be getting any more books like that again. it left me feeling very unsettled. true crime stories tend to leave a bad taste in my mouth.

sewing related news: i am progressing on the alphabet quilt. i finished Ll tonight. i need to  sew /piece the blocks for Mm-Xx, Yy and Zz  in the upcoming week and i’ll work on the embroidery/letters as time allows. i am ready to burn all of my yarn. my knitting isn’t going very well. i had to take a step back. re-read some knit/purl instructions. and learn a lot about tension. too much tension isn’t good. in life or knitting. good night dear friends. happy weekending. 

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6 thoughts on “nothing profound

  1. Regan, that doily and those blueberries are soooo cute!! The berries look sweet enough to eat =) Yum! I wish you and your family could come here for a weather break; it has been unseasonably cool lately with highs in the mid 70s to low 80s … Still humid, but at least the temps are low. I know what you mean about those bills. I read in the paper this a.m. that our electric company is going to start issuing energy-use report cards. Uh, oh! I really don’t want to get mine, cuz when we do turn the a.c. on, 78 seems comfy to me, too … But I would brave the heat where you live to come to your dinner party; it sounds fabulous! Happy Sunday!

  2. I know what you mean about the electric bill too -yikes! I tried keeping ours on 78 but i was sweating and sweating and pregnant are just not a good mix for a happy mama. So I am paying the big bill and keeping it on 76, it is just too humid here! I want to learn felting, those blueberries are adorable! I can’t wait to see your alphabet quilt. I have another quilt on the brain, but sewing just isn’t appealing right now, plus I’m not sure I would fit in front of the machine LOL
    I have a tight tension knitting too, my oldest daughter and I could knit the same thing with the same needles and yarn and mine would be way smaller than hers. It is kind of a pain, but I have learned that I need to go up in needle size when knitting and that helps.
    Hope you had a great day!

  3. Cute blueberries. I can only eat those kind of berries in muffins or mixed in a lot of other fruits. I cannot eat them by themselves . . . I don’t know why either. We ate some last night with strawberries, actually. Yum! Your wee fake ones look good enough to eat, though!

    A dinner party sounds so fab! Maybe some day, yeah?

    I get the thermostat stuff. We keep ours at 80. When I clean or cook/bake it gets quite warm in here. But, they said that we’d be paying electric . . . no bill yet, even though I reminded her with my rent payment. Maybe they changed their minds? I hope so! Maybe the bill was so low that they think we should slide through. That would be nice.

    I’m doing laundry; just ate a fav sandwich; going to try and get some cross stitching in. I’m making something for Therese (Musings of a Mom) first (pay it forward). It’s not the only thing going in the package. 🙂

    Big hugs to you, sweetie!

  4. P.S. I saw Hols today . . . I’ll post a picture of her from today on my blog tomorrow. I don’t want to bother with it right now.

  5. We just got into the 80s on Sunday and it still was a little chilly at the beach. Looks like middle 70’s for the rest of the week here in Minnesota! Your hot is like our cold. But I love to snuggle under blankets and throw on some jeans and sweaters. I am already looking forward to fall weather.

  6. can i come to dinner? i bet it would be delish.

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