my words just don’t seem to flow very easily these days. i sit down to type out a post and it’s all wrong. i erase it. i rename it. i start over and it is still lacking in some way-shape-or form. and then my practical side says, why complicate things so? just write something.

so this is my something.

my obligations here at home lately leave me so tired at the end of the day that my comfy bed is the only “place” i want to be.

i have so been enjoying the banter that goes on between me and my kids when my focus is solely on them. here. in the present moment. we’ve been  spending our days laying in bed late and reading silly stories. playing dominoes. checkers. counting buttons. watching the big boys play basketball. talking about things like grenades and why they are dangerous. “you know why they are dangerous, mama?” “why, son? because they can kill you?” “no, because of all of those little metal pieces that get stuck everywhere”. (ya think?) or how about this one: “j and i are going to play assassins, but not the killing kind.”

i am still trying to get the loft in order. a hand-me-down table and six chairs arrived from my sister-in-law recently. bless her heart. and there are two boys making good use of it already, designing paper airplanes. one of them just told me, “my tummy is starving, mama.” and “could you make me a paper airplane, mama?” so again i feel the tug to get off of this “place”.

i’ve had my nose in a number of books in my spare time. no novels, just homeschooling helps. i don’t know why i have butterflies in my stomach at the beginning of every new school year. like it’s my first time. not my tenth year. i guess it is because i am constantly changing. the kids are changing, growing. and then there are those gentle nudges from the Holy Spirit to do such and such better. pray more. worry less. love much. and finally that great, yet soft voice that says, “Be still and know that I AM GOD….” and so i put the worry and frustration away for the time-being. i look at fun books instead. excited that St. Augustine’s Confessions is on the Great Books list for my tenth grader. and since it is in our library i’ve already peeked at it. weeping here and there at my own sinfulness and thinking about my own confessions.

i have been in the kitchen constantly this past week, making such good eats. too bad i don’t have the time or the inclination to write any of it down. those coconut kisses were delightful. and i’ve already had several requests to make them again. maybe i’ll share the recipe. they were so easy.

there are 4 boys (plus my own 3) here for a slumber party as my middle son turned 12 on the 31st. yes, he has the great St. Ignatius of Loyola for his patron.

i really wonder how sweet our slumbers will be tonite……there is a lot of talk about trying not to be the first to fall asleep and how dangerous it might prove, as in: one might wake up with a sharpie-induced moustache.

is it really august already? i don’t know where june and july went. after this weekend, when my husband turns 34, i am taking some time off. nothing is scheduled. except for a visit with some friends on the 10th. i like having nothing on the books. i say that mainly because i am pining over some un-interrupted sewing time. excepting that it is awfully hot up here again. those few teaser days, where we had deliciously cool weather, didn’t last long enough….

well, that is all for tonite friends. hope all is well with you and yours.

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3 thoughts on “something

  1. Nice post–summer is such a nice, lazy, brainless time. Your photos are wonderful. Wish I had that knack, but I take terrible indoor shots (can I blame it on my camera? It is supposedly a good one, so maybe I just haven’t learned to use it).

    On a side note, Una’s godmother in Tucson sent us a priority mail “care package” recently–with a couple dozen homemade flour tortillas in it! We were so excited…

  2. This post is good. Honest! I’ve been there, too, when I can’t think of much to say and you know me: wanting to entertain! I’m such a ham! Coconut kisses? Sounds yummy! I got your card yesterday and just drooled, ‘cos I love snail mail and yours did not disappoint (all the lovely penned words). Thank you. I hope your parcels arrives in good time and in tact! I think you’ll like it – I wish there were something I made in it, but I saw these things and said, “Oh, Regan would love these, I think!” Enjoy your days with the kiddies . . . summer is for relaxing and planning and having fun – not being stuck in a hot room plugged in to the net. HUGS.

  3. I was just thinking of you on my way home today and how you hadn’t posted in a while. Also, that I need to save your e-mail address, since you’re always the first to write me!

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