getting there

IMG_0432i stopped at Pp because my bobbin needed to be “re-threaded” and that was just too much work for me right now…..can’t. stop. cleaning. cooking. making paper airplanes.

but, really, i am getting there. hopefully this afternoon i can get a few more blocks sewn together after my chores are done. can you think of a better way to learn the alphabet? i can’t.

and i can’t think of a better pep-talk for homeschooling moms than this one. please read it. it will make you feel so much better. at least that’s what it did for me!

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7 thoughts on “getting there

  1. That was a good post from Gypsy Caravan! The only reason we’ve started early is because of baby coming when school is supposed to start and I will need to take off September!! I think kids need summers off, I know I do!!

    Your quilt is beautiful!!!

  2. I printed out the post. Some things you need to just hold and read on a sunny porch or comfy chair.

    Cute quilt! Little by little & ‘just sit down and sew’ – that last bit was your advice to me. And, it’s helped.

  3. Your quilt is coming along so nicely! What a great way to learn the alphabet, you are right! Even I read that post you suggested, and it was a good message for moms in general, I think. It was also good to read it (and your comment, too =) in light of my decision about my 4-year-old. God bless you on this August afternoon!

  4. Good read and good sewing!!!

  5. Your quilt reminds me of the alphabet ones I saw at the swap meet here; all of them were so cute with HI creatures and what not. Yours is coming along so nicely and it’s just beautiful! Keep it up, you’ll be done soon. Is it getting any cooler there yet? Did you get your parcel yet? HUGS

  6. so so so cute!

  7. it looks so cute!

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