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wanted: a dull moment and your opinion





“there are voices which we hear in solitude, but they grow faint and inaudible as we enter the world.”

~ralph waldo emerson

unfortunately, around here, one of those faint voices was that of the baby the baby has been telling me he wants to learn how to read for quite some time now and with all of the organizing, cleaning, birthday parties and things that i’ve had to attend to these past few weeks, it just wasn’t possible. but thanks to a dear, sweet friend who loaned me teaching your child to read in 100 easy lessons, we have begun.

finding a dull moment to take a nap, sit and knit or just listen to my little girl pianist has been on my to do list this week. yes, i have actually scheduled down time. every phone call and email i received, i carefully considered and spaced so that we could enjoy this last stretch of summer days.

an early morning start allowed me say my prayers and meditations,  sort and start the laundry. finish Qq, Rr, Ss and Tt on the alphabet quilt. tidy my room.  and get on the computer for a bit before any of the kids got up. i still have to mend a button on some shorts, hem a pair of shirt sleeves and finish the rest of the laundry. it is still a cool 78 degrees upstairs and down, which is great because i have an appointment with the exercise bike after i get off here. i’ll do my 7 miles. that seems to be the farthest i can go in 20 minutes. stationary exercising is so boring. i’d much rather go for brisk walks, but i don’t really like to leave the kids home alone. nor do i like to walk by myself. and taking the kids with me usually slows me down. excuses. excuses, i know. it is so much more fun to sit and eat a bowl of icecream or bake a loaf of chocolate zucchini cake (thanks, barb, for that great recipe-the woman is a recipe genius-i swear i gain weight just by looking at bless us o Lord).

i am still gathering my thoughts on this school year. i was too chicken to take the bigger kids out of their charter school as of yet. but i did make the serious decision of keeping the baby out. i declined to sign him up, further stressing my life out with all of the paperwork and documentation that they require after much prompting of the Holy Spirit. so that leads me to my question for you….

i was just curious-out of all my readers who homeschool-how many of you do it independently of a charter/government based school or a home-study program like seton, etc. are there any of you who totally do it on your own? if so, please let me know how this has worked out for you and how long you have been doing it. you can email me privately if you don’t want to share in the comments.

have a blessed wednesday, friends!

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