if and when

when a mother loses a child, regardless of age or “stage”. whether it is an accident or some terrible tragedy, it does something to my very core. my heart aches for that mother in a way that makes me want to retreat deep into that inner core, hold my own children very close and never let them go anywhere. ever. again. posting about such frivolities like what i am creating, or the beautiful day we had yesterday just doesn’t seem right. the overwhelming sadness and frustration that such things have to happen threaten my peace and i am out of sorts for as long as i allow the darkness to swallow me up. how selfish of me, huh?

however, thankfully, my recent devotion to the blessed Mother, the Sorrowful Mother, especially, has given me the help i need to draw myself out of my own sadness and pray. pray hard.  for the intentions of -two at this moment-very faithful families.

i don’t imagine much tests and tries that of such families as the loss of a  child. the children are all so very wanted. beloved. and treasured. our respect for life, as practicing, faithful Catholics, graces us with the wisdom to know that each new blessing we are given is nothing less than a gift from our heavenly Father.

so what then, when one of these beloved children is called home? that cross is such a heavy one. one which i have carried myself. and it is a burden which i wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. yet God Himself required it of His only begotten Son.

we are not exempt from suffering. how and when He meets it out is not up to us to understand. we can only ask for the grace to deal with it if and when it comes our way.

“Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace.” ~amen.

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6 thoughts on “if and when

  1. I imagine that losing a child is the greatest cross a mother can bear. Our Blessed Mother surely knows. However, as Catholic Christians we have the greatest consolation of believing our children go to the arms of the Heavenly Father. What sorrow would that be if we had no hope, no faith? Unthinkable.

  2. Regan, that was beautiful!

    I agree, everyone I’ve seen today, I’ve wanted to tell them about the terrible thing that happened to the family who lost their son Ryan. Tragic. My heart and thoughts go out to them.

  3. Jennifer on said:

    I’ve also had Ryan’s family on my mind all day, and offered prayers for them at Mass tonight. I can’t even imagine their pain. I’m with you, Regan, my heart breaks terribly when I hear about families who have lost a young child. It just should never happen that way. I weep for them, and selfishly thank God in heaven that all my kids are safe at home with me.

    God bless the families who mourn, the hearts that grieve. I know He counts their tears.

  4. I know how you feel, my heart just aches for them. I have never lost a child, so I cannot even fathom the pain of it. I am so thankful that these families are such faithful Catholic families and turn to Christ and His Mother in such terribly difficult times.
    Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord…

  5. I cannot imagine the pain either. I would just sit and stare at their empty chair and their empty shoes. Such sorrow.

  6. I agree. I can think of nothing sadder than losing a child. I have had several friends lose their children, and it is always hard to know what to say because I don’t believe I could handle that. We had tow children whom doctors gave no chance of survival, but they are in their 30s today. So much for medical prognosis. I know, though, that God has spoiled me in that respect. I guess He knows that I just could not cope with loss of my children. Anything else, I can deal with — and I have been put through a lot of anything elses. It’s okay as long as I have the children. My heart breaks when I hear that someone is going through such a terrible trial. I wish I knew better how to help.

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