messes, masterpieces and a give-away


do you ever feel that way about the stuff you make or do? like what have i gotten myself into? why am i even doing this when i am not an “expert“? did i  hurry too much?or is it because i skipped a step? or ’cause i didn’t give it my best?

whatever the reason, i, personally think it doesn’t even really matter. we, as humans spend so much time fretting about stuff that at the end of our lives we just might find, was so insignificant. there is far too much pressure for people, especially women, to “perform”. we are supposed to be sexy. smart. successful. great in the kitchen. the schoolroom-if we homeschool. domestic goddesses. master craft-women. literary geniuses. fitness gurus. gardening experts. etc. etc. i really could go on and on. you get my point. but really my point is this: we are too hard on ourselves regarding the things that don’t matter.

my life is filled with many messes. hobbies, the world calls them. but really, they are messes. i don’t have a lot of time to develop these things i like to do. and so most exploits come out less than perfect. but these hobbies are not my vocation. my vocation is that of a mother and a wife. loving and caring for those that i have been given. those are my masterpieces. i have cooperated with God Himself to bring these children into the world. and have vowed to love this man. and in the end it will matter-significantly-what i have imparted to them. how well i loved. and gave. unselfishly. and many times unnoticed. not whether all of my stitches were straight.

so, in honor of this glorious vocation of motherhood and wife-hood. and as a thank you for being a part of this blog-which is one of my many imperfect creative outlets-i’ve got a little, tiny, insignificant give-away for one of YOU. leave me a comment in the next 48 hours-on this post and i will enter your name. the winner will be announced wednesday. have a blessed week, friends.

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10 thoughts on “messes, masterpieces and a give-away

  1. Ohhh, I think I’m first! Thanks for this great reminder as I walk the road of motherhood/wifehood and some kind of sanctifying grace! HUGS, Sarah

  2. i love you and all your imperfections!

    imperfect me!


  3. So happy to be in on a give-away!!!


  4. So true, so true, Regan. We are too hard on ourselves, as women, and I think we need to encourage each other more, rather than compare ourselves to each other … I think I need that reminder everyday, too, about what really matters and what doesn’t … And from what I’ve seen of your work, your messes are very pretty messes, so please enter me in the give-away!


  5. Messes??? Surrounded by them, but trying not to surrender to them and let them make me miserable!!

  6. AMEN! I can’t help but think of that ancient commercial for ‘Charlie’ perfume extolling all the things a woman can (and should do) i.e. bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan. . . You know the one. I am a perfectionist which means 90% of the time I am either frozen into inactivity or beating myself up about my inadequacies. If none are readily apparent at the moment I can invent a few more. To counter act this I am taking the time to thank God for all my uneven stitches, wrinkles, harsh words that squeeze out, fallen cupcakes, unswept floors, and unwritten blog posts. Thank you, God for my ‘humble patches’; they remind me of all the insignificant moments that can upset my peace when all that really matters is Him and loving those around me. Peace and Love.

  7. Lovely post Regan!!

    Also, thanks for your prayers for my hubby. He is in Northern California, though I am not sure of which fire…

    And, if I am not too late, I’d love to be entered into your give-away!

    God bless!

  8. Regan, you are right, we are too hard on ourselves, but for me all those messes are kind of how I deal with all the expectations. Kind of a stress reliever I guess. Being a wife and mother is first and I am so thankful for that job or better yet vocation, and I am also thankful that I can sit around with my little ones and sew or knit or whatever and just feel the love and peace that only God can give us truely. I hope that makes sense, my brain is a little loopy these days…
    Giveaways are so fun!

  9. you have such a lovely way of putting things into perspective.

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