hello september

we greeted you with rag curls. not all of us of course. the boys refused to participate and i, well, i couldn’t do them to myself, so let’s just say, one of us greeted you with rag curls.

we are almost finished with hamlet. we watched the movie. the one with mel gibson. and it was long. and i was really frustrated, with him during the whole movie. i couldn’t stop thinking about how mad i was that he left his wife for that mistress. silly, i know. but what can i say?

anyway, i happened upon a GREAT website that is helping me immensely with our literature studies. it is called sparknotes. and i think so much of it that i am going to put a link on my sidebar. with 4 students this year, our reading list is consuming me. between school and chores, by the end of the day i am so exhausted, that i don’t know whether i am coming or going. i fall into bed at night and though it is only the second week, i can’t help but feel a little panicked. sparknotes has made me a happier homeschooling mama this week. it does the thinking for me. it helps with quiz and essay questions, literary devices, etc. if you try it, let me know what you think.

i used my very own grocery bags for the first time yesterday and i got a 30 cent credit on my groceries. it wasn’t much, but i am so tired of all those plastic bags. now, i must add that as a family of 6 i will need an awful LOT of those bags to do my regular grocery shopping. this was just a bread, milk and miscellaneous run, but i think every little bit helps. my boys are embarrassed to come to the store with me when i use them so i said perhaps they’d better not “eat” the food i bring home in those bags. boys can be so silly. (did you know martha stewart makes shot glasses? i found them when i was looking for flatware at kmart…)

i hope my post yesterday wasn’t too confusing. i re-read it and realized that i should’ve explained my thoughts a little better before hit post. i am certainlynot against crafting of any kind. it is VITAL to my sanity. i really just meant, for those who struggle, and i was mostly talking to myself, not to lose heart when things don’t come out perfectly. saturday and sunday i had some “issues” with things i was making and i felt bummed out. so i guess i was just thinking out loud. because that is basically what i do here. think out loud. and try to offer a little bit of encouragement when i can.

anyway, sometime wednesday i will post the winner of my little give-away. i have to admit it was so nice to see my stats rise the way they did the other day. shame on me. i already said i’d rather remain an inconspicuous blogger. but just a little bit of fame never hurt anyone.





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7 thoughts on “hello september

  1. Happy September, to you, Regan! Your daughter’s rag curls are so pretty. I should learn how to do that for my girls … All I do for them is braid their hair when it’s wet, and they get a crimped look. (Remember crimpers when we were young?! Oh gosh!! =) It’s cute, in a fun sort of way, but it can look crazy, too … So, I probably won’t do it once school starts … Love your grocery bags. And your boys’ response made me laugh! They are silly, cuz you know they want what’s in those bags!!! ha!! I started taking my own bags to the store awhile ago, and I like it. Although I just have the ones Target (and other stores) sell … But they do the job. Well, it’s late, and I must go … Sorry for the rambling reply. God bless you!

  2. The curls are cute. I’m not very creative when it comes to my daughter’s hair. Every year at ballet recital time I get super creative, but the rest of the year …

    I like the grocery bag idea, too. I’d have to make a LOT, as well. We actually use the plastic ones for garbage can liners, so they are re-used in our home. I’d have to purchase liners if I didn’t use grocery bags. So, not sure that’s better.

    I happen to love your ramblings, even when you think they not quite as well thought as you’d like (upon further review).

  3. I love your bags as well. We have these giant ones from Aldi that become too heavy to lift when full!

    I checked out Sparknotes and I think they may be useful, esp. for Una who reads at a rate I, the busy mama, can’t possibly keep up with.

    I have some good ones I have found as well, and I think I will list them with my favorite homeschool links and maybe post about them. I need to update my sidebar.

    Happy September–it is a month of feastdays and birthdays around here!

  4. notjustlaura on said:

    I *like* your bags 🙂 I’m wondering if you could make some with ‘boyish’ patterns?

  5. I was thinking the same as notjustlaura…..those are girly bags!!! Come’on mama get some camo or just plain ol’brown then MAYBE the boys will settle down.

    I cut 3 inches off my little girls hair last night. I like your idea better….curl that long beautiful lock!

  6. Gorgeous curls! Dd used to have perfect ringlets till she was 5? maybe? Now it’s perfectly straight and oh, so thick!

  7. Oh your bags are super cute! I have boring old bags I bought at the commissary. But some are starting to get holes, so I may just have to make some pretty ones like you to fill in the gaps.
    Cute curls!
    Oh and I understood what you were talking about concerning the crafting. Sometimes I think we are so hard on ourselves, even in the fun things we do! When I make a mistake or a hem is funny or whatever I always remember what my mama says “you can see the mistakes on a running horse” LOL That always makes me feel better because I am the only one that notices anyway.

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