early to rise




well, the big boys are here with my dad. their papa. the little ones spent the nite with nana so us adults could go to dinner. i felt so guilty for sending them. perhaps it was because the littlest boy, who bears such a likeness to christopher robin with those rubber boots he wears all the time, packed up most of his clothes, beanies and sweaters included, “to stay in a hotel with nana”. where he got this idea, i do not know. or maybe it was the pouty face of the only girl. the last thing i saw of her was a look that penetrated the glass of the car window, saying, ‘thanks for abadoning us.’

it was only supposed to be for a few hours. but it turned into an overnite visit. which is a very rare thing for us. we don’t like to be away from them, but occasionally it is necessary.

and then i, rising early, to get coffee and a paper with my husband, focused soley on their return. the house was so quiet and still while i fondly looked at beach treasures in a jar. we had so many good beach memories this summer. and then there were the bits and pieces of rocks and plants from here and there are scattered across the nature table.

finally i set to work making some pizza dough so that when they do come home, we can make homemade pizzas for dinner. those bigger boys won’t be back until tuesday, so i’ll have a few more days with just the little ones. i have lessons to plan, but we will definitely be taking some time to enjoy these last few days before serious school begins. hope you have a wonderful weekend doing the things you love with the ones you love!


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3 thoughts on “early to rise

  1. If my kids were upset it would be difficult, but they absolutely love to stay at their grandparents’ homes. The kids stay at my parents’ for a week of VBS every summer. And they’ve stayed at my in-laws when we’ve been gone as well. I always worry a bit about the youngest, but they all seem to enjoy the adventure and my worries are for naught.

    I hope your’s both enjoyed the special time with nana … that’s precious, too. Although I’m sure the pizza will be a fun homecoming treat.

  2. I’m sure it was a wonderful time – though difficult! I know how hard it is to have them be away. Your beach treasures are beautiful, memories to last.

    Good luck with those lesson plans!

  3. What a great experience for the kiddos. Makes the heart grow fonder when they are gone. I can smell that sweet pizza dough right now. Yum Yum.

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