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so the big boys are home safe. time in the great outdoors really does them good. their sun-kissed faces were a sight for my sore eyes. they hugged me and sheepishly gave me gifts. a new pink tea cup and some blossoming green tea. i love that tea. i love tea cups. but what i love most is that even though they were far, far away, distracted by many interesting boy things. guns. bows and arrows. tomahawks. etc. they both took the time to do something special for their mama. and so it was only right that yesterday we did something special for the birthday of our heavenly mother. littlest boy, who quite often turns up his nose at glittery crafts, was very eager to make something nice for mary. the mystical rose. and he even wrote the letters all by himself. i’d planned taking pictures of the remnants of lemon-cream cheese birthday cake that we made, but it didn’t last long enough. it was awfully yummy. but does anyone else feel like there must be a healthier way to celebrate feast days? we have been feasting way too much….

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6 thoughts on “love your mother…

  1. Your celebration looks so beautiful, Regan! We had one, too. What a lovely day to celebrate—Our Blessed Mother’s birthday! I know what you mean about healthier ways to honor the feast days … I can’t think of any! =) I suppose all good things in moderation, right???

  2. Pretty pictures. I was sad that our celebration was preempted by a puppy. A whole day consumed. Bah! I vow to celebrate on Saturday — her holy name!

  3. We have a feast day here on Our Blessed Mother’s birthday so celebrate we must! We had brownies, but I didn’t take any pictures : ( It is our 2yr olds feast day so anything chocolate had to be made LOL
    That tea cup is beautiful! and the tea sounds yummy too. What sweet boys you have!

  4. What sweet boys. I hear you on the feast days celebrating – my son can’t eat cakes and cookies, so we don’t ever bother with those sort of celebrations.

  5. Your boys are so thoughtful!

  6. Meredith on said:


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