on faith

fulfilled. and restored.

and limitations. mine.

i needed a printer badly. we haven’t had one “connected” to our “network” since our last move. it was sort of just working as a copier. but this year, with the high schooler being home again, it is a necessity. so i put in a request. calling out from the depths of my heart to a loving Father, Whose hands quite often “provide” for this family in too many ways to even count. He heard my prayer and not a moment too soon.

this doesn’t always happen as my ways are not HIS ways. so don’t storm heaven for ipod and computer requests on account of me. but regardless, He came through. like a child i had faith. bigger than the size of a mustard seed because i have witnessed first-hand what HE can do when there is nothing that i can do.

so there i was. perfectly contented with what i thought was enough help from above. i don’t like to be greedy.

and then He took it a step further.

while at the store purchasing said printer. with my 4 children in tow.  He sent even more blessings my way in the form of a complete stranger, another customer, who after a bit of chit chat surrounding my littlest son’s name, decided to help me get additional savings that i didn’t even have the capability or brains to search for-using his blackberry-which i don’t have-price-checking and cross referencing online printers and prices at other local stores.

in retrospect, i don’t know why this person helped me. the store was full of so many people. but he did. restoring my faith in humanity. and the kindness of strangers. proving that we shouldn’t ever put limitations on God. for He cannot be outdone in generosity.

i blessed the man. he returned my blessing. went on my way. and here i sit, still sort of in awe of it all.

the printer sits next to me. a big box of confusion. buying it was the easy part. do you think it would be too much to ask for a little more help?

happy friday!

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4 thoughts on “on faith

  1. are you sure you dont just plug it in via usb cable to the computer. most work that easily now.

    love your little smiley face in the background, is that new?

  2. God is SO good, isn’t He??!! Even though we know this, it never ceases to amaze us. I love that about our Lord. He delights in blessing us, in loving us, in providing for us. He loves us soooooo much! I loved reading your story of His provision for you. Thanks for sharing, and have a very blessed weekend!

  3. How precious…thanking God for you…His providence know no boundaries.

    Jump in, Regan! Put the set up disc in first, then plug in the printer, then after the prompts from the program, plug in the USB. You can do it…

    Happy printing!

  4. I have no bloody clue what you are saying about the network and plugging in a printer (my husband does, I’m sure), but the point is really that God is good!!! 🙂

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