a peek

at the least complicated thing about my monday….

the protype for the dolls i am making for my friend. i have many ideas, one being to use flowered fabric for legs. another is to use some of this darling vintage cotton lace that my mother-in-law gave me. what do you think so far?

father read this poem to us at mass yesterday and i loved it. i have another poem i am going to share with you this week from everyday graces which we have been reading as part of our virtue studies. it is a wonderful book. so much so that i am going to order it off amazon this week. i have to return it to the library, but it is full of good things.


happy feast~ we adore THEE O Christ and we bless THEE because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world!

but now i must go because i have way too many things to do today. and my husband is home.

one last thing~it was 70 degrees when i woke up. 70. are things changing in your neck of the woods too? shorter evenings. cooler days. a different look to the leaves. trees. and sky.

i am so enjoying this chilly morning…..starting with my first cup of warm coffee. i’ll toast to fall even if she’s a bit early. cooler weather is one guest i’ll welcome early any time!

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10 thoughts on “a peek

  1. Enjoy your husband “home for the day!” FIx him up some yummy kibbles.

    It is hot here in MN this week. Weird weather but I love fall also.

  2. Your doll is adorable. I really like the idea to use floral fabric for the legs! Happy Monday =)

  3. love the doll, sooo cute!

  4. I love the idea of using the floral fabric for the legs. It reminds me of all the leggings/tights for little girls at Gymboree and the like. C’est mignon comme tout!

  5. yeah, it was 70 the other day, too. but over here, we consider that to be warm still!

  6. We had to turn on our air today — after days and days of coll weather. Strange. Love the dolly. Peach has a Raggedy Anne I made with pink mattress ticking legs. I love her.

  7. The doll is adorable – I too think the floral fabric for legs reminds me of the cute tights little girls can wear in cooler weather. The lace is beautiful …

    Our fall weather has been beautiful, but I love the 70 degree weather. IMO, our summer has been perfect because it’s been cooler than usual, too. I’d have been far more miserable with 80-90 degree weather this summer!

  8. What I can see of the doll – is gorgeous!!!!!!

    I’ve been doing loads and loads of laundry (and we’re only a family of five) and wiping my dripping nose. Every time I cough, my eyes water and my nose starts to drip again . . . vicious circle.

  9. Regan, I love the legs and the vintage lace! Have you made that much of the doll already?!

  10. the doll is precious! and lace is so beautiful, I love vintage…

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