at ease

with my role in our home. as educator. chief cook and laundress. the list maker. chore enforcer. walk taker. nurse. story-teller. lesson planner. etc. etc. for the job-description is without end. but you know that. all too well probably. or else you wouldn’t be reading this.

i am at ease with the fact that this rhythm of our days plays out more like a pitch pipe than a symphony. and i can sit at a table with the middles on either side of me while we discuss tom sawyer. the littlest one counting buttons on the floor at my feet. the teenager, seated at the computer watching a discovery streaming video on the magna carta with a slight mowhawk, a large screw in his mouth because he wants to “chew” on something (i thought they outgrew the putting things in their mouth stage…) and i can laugh. i can laugh because at this very moment. these very moments. this is who we are.

we are a homeschooling family. i got that a few weeks ago when going back and forth about sending said teenager to real school-imagine that coupled with the ideas he already has about hair and such. whether or not we are “holy” enough. reading enough. doing enough foreign language or science  i don’t know. none of my kids are building a spaceship from scratch so far. no one has won the state championship spelling bee. and true glimpses of their inner holiness is awfully rare. but that’s ok. i am at ease with that too. because life is always beautiful. it’s just the way you look at things that make it so.

and finally, i am at ease with me.

“the conflict between what one is and who one is expected to be touches all of us.” ~m. shain

at least for now. and that is purely something heaven-sent.




my small successes this week: yummy pumpkin spice bread and creamy potato chicken soup. a new knitting stitch or rather some clarity as to what i was doing wrong. patience with my husband’s decision to let the chickens free range. a change of heart after prayerfully considering some things that would take us outside of the home during our school week. exciting meals planned and shopped for to last us at least into next week.

so what are your successes ? we all have ’em. no matter how small.

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8 thoughts on “at ease

  1. Such a beautiful post, both the photos and the words.

  2. love all that white. whatcha knittin’? it looks so pretty.

  3. Oh, Regan, that is so true what you said about homeschooling, we have no one building anything here and no spelling bees even planned….we are average. That’s ok, right?

    Will you post that yummy looking spice bread recipe? It looks delicious!!!

  4. I’d so love to come sit with you, with coffees (like the one near your knitting . . .) and just yabber away . . . yes, the recipes to the bread and soup would be soooooo appreciated!! Both sound heavenly! I think my success this week will be posted after I leave this comment. HUGS!! Thanks for the email and what’s coming via post. I can’t wait!!!

  5. Oh, Regan, this was such a good post for me to read. Right now. “because life is always beautiful. it’s just the way you look at things that make it so.” Ahhh … Is that the key??? I often seem to be asking the same questions, should we be doing more? Why isn’t this happening the way I thought it would? Etc., etc. But I need to appreciate what we do have and the good things that are happening, and not worry so much. Sigh … When will I learn??? Like the ladies who commented before me, I, too, would *love* those recipes!! Anything with pumpkin is my favorite this time of year … Yum!!

  6. Lovely post. Sharing recipes, friend?

  7. being at peace is such a blessing! your pictures are beautiful

  8. the knitting looks great. i dont even recognize the stitches but it sure looks purdy

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