the cats’ meow

that’s what all you gals really are.

i didn’t really want you to ignore the important things i had to say.

and i apologize that the start of school brings this sort of stuff out. those dr. jekyll/mrs. hyde posts.

but God is so good that He turned something bad for me into something really beautiful. your comments had me bawling my eyes out, in a good way. (i don’t know why i am so weepy lately. hormones probably.) each one was so thoughtful. sweet. and tender.

and i guess we are all going to have our days… because what we are trying to accomplish, raising saints and trying to become saints ourselves, is serious work. important work with eternal rewards and consequences. and when you’re doing something so special and wonderful expect bumps in the road. expect to stumble and fall. let’s face it, we’ve inherited a fallen nature.

but the great thing is, He does hear. He does lift us up. even though i tend to be so heavy when i wallow in my sorrows. silly sorrows that when looked at with hindsight are hardly sorrowful in the truest sense of the word.

so while mrs. hyde takes a writing break i will stick to light posting. but for now i must go because i am having a tooth pulled. by a dr. with a plastic medical kit. i hope it doesn’t hurt too bad. i am beginning to think he is a bit of a quack. because he wants to use tweezers and no anesthesia. i think i might try to distract him with some breakfast and a little science experiment. i’d really like to keep my tooth….

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6 thoughts on “the cats’ meow

  1. I’m hanging in there a bit better today, too. Time for tea! I think you should pinch the little quack in the cute bottom. I bet there’s a cute bottom, yeah? 😉

  2. wow! your dentist is harsh! mine always switch professions half way through and then just give me a band aid.

    hope that bribe worked for you…

  3. you’re so cute – I loved both posts and can relate to the dr jekyll/mr hyde in every way.

  4. you’re so cute!

    hey, Michelle you stole my line [actually i guess you can say i stole hers]. i saw it as i was typing mine!

    great minds 🙂

  5. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Us women..I tell ya….with the upsanddowns life is crazy. Sometimes just strap on that seat belt and enjoy the ride. But hang on!

  6. okay, does “light posting” mean that you don’t post at all? hmmm…


    we want Mrs. Hyde or Jekyll or whomever!!!! not too picky 🙂

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