petit what?

so we are having guests over for tea tomorrow and my daughter, with a gleam in her eye says to me, “can you make petit fours?” and i said, “petite what?”  there is a link here if you want a good laugh. and laugh i did when i saw what making those little goodies entails. perhaps one of these fall days when i have 10 extra hours to spare. i will traipse into my gourmet kitchen-where i have all the ingredients on hand- and make them. i hear they freeze pretty well too.

ha! who am i kidding? those kinds of things never last around here. my boys are worse than ants when it comes to sniffing out sweets. besides i am ready to take it down a notch. i am ready to reveal a part of myself to this guest that i’ve yet to do. i hope it doesn’t ruin our friendship. it is still in the new-ish stage and i am so nervous. but i just. can’t handle anything extra right now. God is giving me the grace to be humble enough to say i can’t make petit fours. not now. maybe not ever. and my piano is dusty.

i find it so ridiculous that i never judge people when i go to their houses but for some reason i do the oddest things when people are coming here. things that don’t normally bother me suddenly bother me. like we celebrate halloween. do they? what if they are offended? should i wipe down the washer and dryer? they are dusty too. but they are in an enclosed porch…should the boys do school? does the house look Catholic enough? wait a minute…are we catholic enough? it’s crazy, i know. but it’s really not me. it’s mrs. hyde. she thinks that way.

but we are going to forgive her. because remember she didn’t have coffee today. so she’s tired. and the last thing she wants to do is stay up all nite talking about making petit fours…..they sound so delicious.

and now if you’ll excuse me, i am going to go and watch the soloist. i love robert downey jr. my husband looks so much like him. (in my mind). it’s about battling demons. and i’ve been doing a bit of that lately myself.


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10 thoughts on “petit what?

  1. Petit fours!!! Yea, that’s a bit labor intensive, but a very thoughtful ‘though’ on your dear daughter’s part.

    Strangely, I worry about some of those things, too. I lead a group a while back and brought up the halloween topic during the meeting; it was in the leaders book, so I didn’t think anything of it. I didn’t get all worked up (even if we don’t celebrate it, I don’t have a problem with others celebrating), but boy! did others have a hard time. Some friends still remember that as being a most contentious meeting after all this time – gosh it must be at least 6-7 years. I was oblivious. Oh well.

    Have a nice visit with your invited friend and enjoy the day!

  2. hope you have a wonderful tea. and no, don’t wipe off the washer and dryer – unless you happen to be washing towels and think to run one over them. no one looks.

    its hard, though, huh? i never look at other people’s home’s that way – but i’m alwasy looking at mine that way.

  3. Can’t you buy some of those peteit things somewhere? They’d probably cost a ton, maybe it would be a fun treat for you and her to get one each at a bakery though someday!

    I do the same thing with my home, like cleaning the lights and well…I’m catching myself cleaning things before this Sunday’s Baptism that I’m sure no one will even notice or care. I’m worrying, will Christine’s husband think we are wierd?

  4. I LUV that you’re having a tea and your inner dialouge sounds much like my own. We can be nutjobs together.

    How was the movie? I have always LUVed R.Downey JR.

  5. Oh gosh. I do the same thing, too, regarding my house! What is it with all of us??? Well, it’s comforting to know that if you (or any of the ladies who commented above) came over to my house, you wouldn’t think anything of my dusty washing machine =) But I’d probably worry anyway. So ridiculous!! Enjoy your tea!

  6. Your husband looks like Robert Down. Jr???? He has big brown eyes??? You lucky woman you. Do not worry about dust and catholic stuff when you got a brown-eyed man in the house!!!!!

    Please be yourself. People respect you more for it. If they do not like something….really it is their problem. Live for you and what is best for your family. Do NOT live for other people. It will drive yourself crazy!!!!!!

  7. This really is a parallel universe. Oh, crap! 🙂
    I’m reading Douglas Adam’s books right now . . . having a few laughs!
    I do this very same nonsense. But, being as I’ll be 40 in 14 days (not counting today), I think I’ll start to relax a bit.
    Only a bit.
    I would never dream to make tiny cakes. I’d buy them. Some you buy can be filled with vile jellies, though. I’d so bake a chocolate cake (Duncan Hines) and make my fudge buttercream frosting. Drooling, here. Sorry!
    You’re a bright ray of sunshine, my dear. I so enjoy coming by!

  8. ha! that’s my maiden name 🙂 that title caught my little eye!

    now, off to actually read your post! LOL

  9. After I read this I got a Swiss Colony catalog in the mail and they had tons of assortments of Petit Fours! They really weren’t that expensive if you don’t order the huge box!

  10. Great post!

    I’ve been tempted on occasion to make petit fours. One of my weaknesses is getting caught up in projects like that. So MY company comes over to a messy house (because I didn’t have time to clean as I was making goodies) and a plate full of odd-looking little cakes (since I was rather distracted with all the children and trying to get to an appointment on time and didn’t follow directions perfectly) and a frazzled hostess (for all the above reasons).

    I hear you about the Catholic insecurities. I could have written that part of your post…lol!

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