orange ya glad?

we have a place to vent our deepest fears. and quirky habits. and we lovingly support each other?

please know that i don’t condone messy houses. or being unorganized. i really do try each and every day to be a better homemaker. teacher. person. success is elusive. but that is totally beside the point.


today my guest friend commented that she loved my “shabby chic” look and i said that the hardest part was keeping it looking less shabby and more chic. and that is not easily done in a house with 3 boys + 1 man boy. but i have never cared so much about having things just so that it interferes with the comfort level of anyone living here.


unfortunately i am a pack rat and my robert downey jr. looking husband is a minimalist who complains about fire clearances if the furniture is too crowded. but that is only the beginning of our many differences. he likes modern. me pure country. but i/we make allowances. he’ll eat organic ketchup. and i, well, i’ll drink tap water in a pinch.

i think that is really what i was trying to say. make allowances with that voice in your head. or you can ignore her altogether. 

besides, most of you dear readers have children so much younger than mine. i can usually rally enough help me to do a quick pick up and get presentable looking real quick. and as for the deep cleaning, that has to wait for the times that it can get accomplished. i wait for the lists and dustbunnies to tell me when. and sometimes i even ignore those dustbunnies too. they speak ever so softly…


so tea was as successful as i could possibly manage. i won’t bore you with gory details. i did, however, much to my dismay forget to clean a “pile” of stuff i’d swept up early this morning. usually the broom remains in place and that is my “cue” that my work is not finished. well, someone hid the broom. it was must’ve been satan. because i didn’t notice it  until everyone was gone.  sitting there all nice and piled.

and finally, orange ya glad that we are entering a season that embraces orange?!!??! i love the color orange and am looking for ways to sneak it into every room. orange with turquoise, green, red, purple, gold and brown in my dining room. orange with pink, fuchsia, black and maroon in the family room. i don’t mind seeing it here there and everywhere. will i be tired of it come the end of november? probably. do you bring fall colors and decorations into your home decor?



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7 thoughts on “orange ya glad?

  1. i don’t bring orange in. i’m not that organized/clever/fast at the sewing machine/get to the store enough to thrift/buy fall decor. do you have boxes of fall decor that you move in/up seasonally? i never understand how people do that.

    but i love your corduroy pumpkin. and the fall quilt/pillow, and the fall fabric paint. LOVE that one.

  2. The first day of October is the perfect day to post “orange” !

    I loved your comment about Satan hiding your broom, I laughed outloud, thanks for the laugh!

  3. cute cute cute pumpkin! love the country shabby chic 😉

  4. My favorite season is fall, so I decorate our house, definitely. What’s nice is that I can keep it up through Thanksgiving! It’s a nice change, mirroring what’s changing outside … I like orange! Especially this time of year … At my conference last Saturday, everything was orange and pink. They did a great job with that (minor) detail that women love =) I plan to get my orang-y stuff out soon, but I’m still dealing with all the fall clothing totes! Blessings on this first day of Oct. (and St. Therese’s feast day)!

  5. Where do I score a corduroy pumpkin like that?!? so cute!!
    I hide my own broom, thus says Satan. Hurumph!

  6. Oh everything looks so fall! I love it! Orange is a great color. I like to decorate for fall, but all my stuff is in the attic….may have to wait this year. We have a pumpkin kind of like that, but it is different orange fabrics instead of cord.
    Happy fall, hope you are having fall weather there!

  7. funny, i just noticed (i guess) the title of this post. my son LOVES to do the knock-knock banana/orange joke. he goes on and on and on and on and on with it!!

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