when autumn and summer compete









it can be quite a treat.

autumn says, bring your sewing outside. or better yet come on a walk with me and i’ll show you my colors. i’ll show you what’s new. and i will even send a breeze to cool your face.

summer laughs and says, don’t bother with those things on the ground. gaze instead into the eyes of the cosmos. she blushes pink because she heard you say how pretty she is. and she saw the little girl with you stop to wait for you to have a look.

but wait! calls autumn. did you notice the color my leaves brought to that bouquet. without them it wouldn’t quite look that way. and your favorite sweater. the one you got last Christmas. if it weren’t for me it’d still be packed in the attic. causing static in your “done with summer” brain.

empty acorns. scurrying squirrels. black-eyed susans nodding their heads. all because they know it is almost time. time for them to hide under their leaf and pine needle blankets. the remnants of summer can only last so long in those 50 degree afternoons. and before i know it, she will take her place with the rest of them. it is nap time, i tell her. and when you wake up you’ll be in a better mood. you and spring get along so much better. even though it is wetter. and then you will be the one trying to show me things. wanting the spotlight. using your sunny mornings and your longer days to drive her away….but until then… thanks for an awfully lovely day!

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4 thoughts on “when autumn and summer compete

  1. That was lovely, Regan! So poetic and sweet. And your photos, as always, are gorgeous! It was summer here all through September. We’ve been waiting for fall. And now, in these first days of October, it has been raining. every. day! We are longing for those 50-degree afternoons (with the sun shining and the fall colors glowing). I hope we don’t miss them this year, and just get a too-early winter … I am not longing for that.

    God bless … and hugs to you!

  2. Your photography is just breathtaking! And you are too darling for words. I love this whimsical post!!

  3. Sweet, sweet Regan!

    And the photos are yummy-delicious!

    Our summer has been so fall-like it’s hard to tell the difference, but for the extremely cool evenings and the coming of frost. I love it…I’m more awake, feeling alive as the world is preparing to sleep the deep sleep of winter. Thanks for sharing this pretty peek into your world…

  4. Love the birds!

    Wish I could sit next to you and watch you sew…..but this will do. Thanks for sharing your world.

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