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gooey caramel-marshmallow-butter-popcorn balls. leaves on the tree in our front yard. some colorful kindergarten manipulatives. a few nature treasures.

not much going on here. it was a long, quiet saturday. the boys left really early with dad so my girl and i had the house to ourselves. i snacked on chocolate covered coffee beans and a spiced chai tea latte while i did some sewing and painting. she ate breakfast upstairs with me and read a million books. we went to a piano concert at the library in the afternoon. we walked. when we got there i started knitting a scarf for my dad while we sat. the musician noted that the first piece she played was written in homage to a baby she had aborted. i thought it was very brave of her to admit that. and i told her so after the concert. we learned that beethoven didn’t name his sonatas. his publishers or editors actually did. perhaps because they thought they’d “sell” that way.

on our way home i caught the sun shining so beautifully through those leaves, aren’t they wonderful? i am curious as to what kind of tree it is.

i found a yummy recipe for pumpkin butter in the october issue of bhg. i can’t wait to try it.

a very dear priest friend of ours is saying mass in town tomorrow. we won’t have to drive to the moon. what a blessing it will be to come home early and plan a few lessons for the week.

well, hope your weekend is filled with tons of goodness too.

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