what i also do in my spare time


i was so sure this was a hawk. or maybe a bald eagle. (just kidding!) but what do i know. so in my spare time-the kids are with my parents and i am supposed to be catching up on paperwork- i sat here instead with the north american wildlife book on my desk and proceeded to identify some birds i had recently taken pictures of. i am now of the opinion that this is a prairie falcon. and it preys on other birds. and it very mysteriously has been hanging around my yard-even before black pearl disappeared. trying to trick me with those big, serious eyes. it is a beautiful bird, that’s for sure. but a chicken murderer? i don’t have proof. yet.

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2 thoughts on “what i also do in my spare time

  1. He looks like he likes chicken for dinner. 😉

  2. I saw a cooper’s hawk land on my car in my driveway in MD. I know those hawks prey on smaller birds. Advise to keep bird feeders near trees and shrubbery so the tiny birds can hide or escape them. For chickens? Well, other than coop them, I haven’t any answer. I’m sooooo sorry!!

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