what would superwoman do?




the pictures:

some new-to-me thrifted glasses. 5 english stoneware mugs and 2 little jars.

faux fall fairy foliage. say that fast. 5 times.

a home-made astrolabe. just like amerigo vespucci. or not. we think his was much nicer.

the dilemma:

do you ever feel like at home science experiments are just humongous failures? like your kids do them and go, “oh. that was it?” and then you want to hide somewhere and cry because you went to three stores to make sure you had everything you needed to do this list of carefully prepared experiments. and come to find out you missed 2 things. or is it just me?


my head is spinning with science information. constellations. perseus. nebulae. and that’s not even biology….

sometimes, at the end of the day i feel like that dinosaur on meet the robinsons and i say to myself….”i just don’t know how well this plan was thought out…”

how much of what we are doing is overkill? do we really need well-trained minds?


needless to say my house is not clean anymore. it is, after all, monday. and good school days are usually horrible chore days.

somehow i wish i could learn to do it all. and keep things perfectly orchestrated. all. the. time.

more nonsense:

i think i am going to dress up as superwoman for halloween and keep the costume on forever. maybe that’s all i need.

i really want to be superwoman.


 that crafty-ness bug is gone too. my hands and wrists are hurting.

the weather was cooler today. a nice change from the high 80’s and 90’s we had this weekend.

sunday morning my husband caught the falcon taunting the chickens. he was on top of the rabbit cage playing a sort of “peek-a-boo” with them. (the falcon, not my husband.) probably not the friendly sort of peek-a-boo we all know and love. but i think we’ve already established that his visits aren’t ever friendly. and he’s really not even that big. i wonder if he once belonged to someone and got out.

another dilemma:

oh, and tonite the baby is sleeping in his own bed. he fell asleep in about 5 minutes flat after the little mother read him 2 short stories. and piled 4 blankets on top of him. now i am debating whether i should sleep on the floor next to his bed or not…i wonder what superwoman would do?

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9 thoughts on “what would superwoman do?

  1. You have a baby? Did not know that.

    OK…time to get a nice BB gun and scare that falcon away.???

    Sorry to hear about your hands. Rest up!

  2. This post hit home with me, girl! I am feeling the same way. I was going to post this morning about not being able to do it all. If we have a good school day, the house is a mess. I can just about keep up with laundry and dinners, but the mending and ironing and dust pile up, my oven hasn’t been cleaned in a year, I need to do my bank statements, and I feel anxious and overwhelmed much of the time. It isn’t the school that I mind–it is trying to do all the other stuff AND school.

    And after several years of trying,I have given up on science experiments. I keep the books and we pull them out for fun now and again. but nowadays we choose a theme for a month or six weeks and then just read, watch rented dvds and do crafts related to the theme. Dinosaurs, space exploration and our solar system, animals of the rain forest, and so forth. I have ten or twelve picked out–enough for a couple of school years!

  3. Science experiements are over-rated! My kids really enjoyed the Usborne “Science with Air/Magnets/Plants” books that didn’t require a lot of supplies, though. It seems that many times, they know what’s going to happen before they ‘do’ the experiment. Dash did the Tops Balancing & Pendulums – that was something he could do on his own with things we had in the house, too. He enjoyed it quite a bit. I do not go out of my way (at least I haven’t, yet) to create time for experiments … unless you count our gardening.

    I cannot keep up with the house either. It doesn’t matter that at least two of my children ARE old enough to help … they aren’t motivated! The two younger would help more, but they aren’t old enough. And, I can look forward to whatever semblance of a routine we have being completely upset when the baby arrives. At least I’ll be able to get around better after the baby is born … and I hope I’ll be quicker on my feet!

    Naughty falcon. I don’t suppose there is a predator scent concoction that could scare it away without making the chickens tense as well??

  4. Superwoman would definitely snuggle with her husband and give the child much praise upon waking all by himself!

    Science experiments, yes, will leave mother feeling inadequate. I think the most important aspect is developing a theory and proving it or not. The other stuff will leave you wanting. Create a “lab book” to keep notes and that is where your child will see the science. There are lots of websites for fun science experiments and then there’s always MythBusters! Have your kids made a volcano — not really an experiment, but fun stuff.

    Air soft pistol for that falcon — unless you can use the real deal.

  5. i don’t know what superwoman would do, when she tells you, let me know!

  6. Heck, at least you try to do actual lab work. Good on you! When I home schooled, bad on me, I did not even try!! You ROCK!!

    Shoot the bird. I say this with love, because I love birds. Or, call wildlife control and they can maybe relocate it?

    Again, fantastic photography!!

    I’m off to get petrol and vacuum bags today. Then, I can finish cleaning. I vacuum the linoleum. Isn’t that lazy???? It is faster and less dusty that way. I do broom out hard to reach corners, though. 🙂

    I better go eat some breakfast. My brain is foggy.

  7. i dont do science experiments. i am not a fun homeschooler.

    as for the sleep, i have never been a bed sharer and from day 1 they are in their own crib so no advice there either. i am useless 😉

  8. christine on said:

    i think the cape would get in the way. dare i quote “the incredibles?” “NO CAPES!” sadly, a favorite line in our house.

    i love finding those itty bitty jars. it makes me all giddy inside.

    “failing” science experiments are just as good. it begs the question “why” and also teaches the kids that not everything they read is correct. that’s what i tell myself, as my daughter goes outside to count the crickets chirping in the evening hours – a magic formula exists somewhere that the number of chirps will tell you the temperature. it was fun anyway. and we’ll probably try it again just because we’re gluttons for punishment.

  9. I won’t even tell you how long it has been since my stove has been cleaned…. now that might be a science experiment I could handle…lol. Seriously, the extent of my science experimenting is to order a couple of the Magic School Bus Science Kits from Amazon, and let the 12 yo do them with her younger brothers. They get the hands on. I get the hands off. 🙂
    Love dvd’s, too. (Does Mythbusters count?)

    My house is always a mess if we are doing anything remotely schoolish, or if I am distracted by some project or another (home repairs, writing, painting, baby, life). So basically, always.

    The red-tailed hawks have been eating our chickens, so I feel your pain. 😐 But I am really enjoying your blog and I’m so glad I found it!

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