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well wishes


thank you, thank you well wishers. your sweet notes were so lovely to read. so i am sharing my flowers with you. they are from one of my sister-in-laws. she is just the nicest sister-in-law ever. and i say that even knowing that she’ll never read this. doesn’t even have a computer. but look at all those flowers from her beautiful garden…maybe i’d have a garden like that too if i didn’t have the internet!


can you see i am trying to find ways to be fashionable even though i am sick. one has to be creative you know. after days and days in just pj’s. these little socks made my morning.

daddy has taken the well kids to the pumpkin patch and to buy another rocket as the one they launched yesterday disappeared. i am deeply saddened that i can’t take pictures of either of these endeavors so instead i will use my free time to sketch and plan my bend-the-rules garden. more on that later. when this tired feeling is gone.

i’ll leave you with an up close of those flowers. and some well wishes from me to you….stay healthy friends. and if you can’t, then at the very least find your prettiest socks and put them on. they will make you feel just a little bit better.




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