setbacks and bright sides





still under the weather here. the two little ones had a minor setback. early wednesday morning was met with a lot of coughing and fevers again. this is day #9. and i am tired. it is chilly and windy outside. which doesn’t help. my hands smell like garlic and vicks.

the bright side to all this: shadow puppet shows, jack-o-lantern lights, spooky icecubes, bat cut outs and funny sandwiches made with cookie cutters. if i didn’t know better i’d think we just might really be having a grand time with this visiting flu. perhaps that’s why it doesn’t want to leave us. 

or maybe it’s just all that vicks i’ve been sniffing.



halloween and saint’s day costumes aren’t even close to finished. but i am wondering if they’ll even be well enough to go anywhere. we are expecting sunny weather this weekend saturday. so that is yet another point for the bright side.

so if there’s all that brightness what am i griping about, right? it doesn’t really matter that i haven’t been able to start my sit ups regimen. or bake that apple pie i’ve been dying to make. (and not necessarily in that order.)

so i’ll be going now. i am being summonedsomeonesomewhere needs something.

hope you are able and willing to find at least a few bright sides amidst any setbacks you might be experiencing too!

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7 thoughts on “setbacks and bright sides

  1. Prayers for you and your family, Regan. I can’t imagine finding the energy to do the things you’ve shown in your pictures.

  2. Yes, prayers for you!

    I’ve gotten Halloween taken care of as far as costumes, it’s All Saints Day that needs the time for finding things….Our St John Neumann might have to be wearing a brown cassock !

  3. Sit ups??? Forgetaboutem. Just enjoy some more of those cool sandwiches!!! Sorry this bug is hanging on to you guys for so long.

    Try to gargle lots of salt water?????

  4. You even eat fun! 😉

  5. christine on said:

    more well wishes your way. it took about 3 weeks to finally. get. out. of here.

    i’m so impressed with your ability to have fun and be sick at the same time. its quite insprirational, really.

  6. Wow. I don’t think I would be that creative under your circumstances. I am totally impressed. Praying for your speedy recovery!

  7. I am so sorry you and your family are sick. Praying that it goes away very soon! All the things you have been doing while sick are great. I would be laying on the couch moaning LOL

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