the quilted advent calender


i would like to humbly share with you the quilted advent calender. the middle image/picture is from a very old book about the Christmas story. it is of baby Jesus in the manger with the animals bowing to greet Him. i copied it onto some of that computer paper/material.  i did a little embroidery on the edges. and hand embroidered the numbers on pieces of a vintage tablecloth. the top has 3 rod pockets. 2 are yellow. one is blue. there. it is done. except for the advent scriptures i plan to print on cardstock and roll up like little scrolls and tie with ribbon.

it is much nicer in person. but so are most things….. right?

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8 thoughts on “the quilted advent calender

  1. I think it’s absolutely lovely!!!

  2. It is beautiful! That you made it completely by hand makes it even more so.

  3. It’s beautiful!

  4. christine on said:

    no wonder you didn’t post pictures of it. its awful!

    ha ha! just kidding. you know that, right? it’s lovely – your handwork always is. and i suppose i should get off the computer to do a little more of my own. or maybe pay attention to my kids – who are droning the day away in front of reruns of liberty’s kids.

  5. Beautiful and so practical … family heirloom!

  6. Amazing.

    I would put chocolate in those pockets though….but that is just me. I am a thing for chocolate!!!!

  7. Dirtdartwife on said:

    That is absolutely gorgeous!!!! As long as the chocolates are in a wrapper of some sort, I don’t see how it would stain, but knowing me, the only thing I’d ever want on that beautiful thing the first Advent it was used would would be eyes and nothing else.

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