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for comforts’ sake



purple monster toenails and some new flannel jammies.

it is bothering me that i can’t seem to figure out if that apostrophe is where it belongs. in this case sake belongs to comfort?

well, i can’t worry about it. today is library day as it was closed yesterday out of respect for our veterans. and rightly so.

today we will try to paint like eric carle. specifically from this book. which has given someone some really high hopes about the seeds we’ve planted. you’ll understand if you’ve read the story.

so for comforts’ sake i am keeping this short. but sweet. hope you are all doing swell. easing into this new season of falling back. i think i am. finally.

 and as a side note: my girl wanted to fill the pockets of the quilted advent calendar with chocolates too. and my first thought was: are you kidding me? after i hand-stitched those white pockets on. one. by. one. you want to fill them with something that might stain them? but i refrained from using a nasty tone. and in my bestest. politest. Catholic mama tone i said, “well, sweetie, advent is really a penitential season and scripture verses should suffice.”

you know that voice, don’t you? the one we use when our children are suffering from some trifle nuisance and we say gently, “offer it up.”

besides, i don’t know if enough chocolates for the whole family would really fit into those tiny pockets.

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