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pleasantly aloof

to virtual things right now.

pleasantly entranced by the living. breathing. awe-inspiring. touchable. kissable things of my very real life.

the weather is so fickle these days. one minute we have cold noses and layers of clothes and blankets. the next we are outside flirting with the sprouts in the garden. sweet peas by the dozens. zinnias and sunflowers. will they flower? who knows. we just love watching anything we’ve planted grow! we just as easily become distracted by interesting albeit dead leaves that have fallen to the ground as we do the sprouts. i’m telling you that afternoon sunlight has a way of transforming everything it touches. it is almost bewitching.

lost in yarn the same colors that draw me outside i am ridiculously working on a pair of knitted handwarmers. really they are a big fat joke just waiting for me to put them out of their misery and unravel each and every stitch. my husband politely noted yesterday that he always sees me knitting but i never make anything. i remained tight-lipped about all the progress i’ve made. about how i can now recognize knits and purls just by looking at them. and i know how to knit 2 together. increase and decrease. giant leaps for someone who only ever dreamed of even being able to hold 2 needles at the same time.

i had a funny experience with circular needles this weekend. let’s just say i’ve put them away for a while. we’re both better off. 

i have been wading through biology curriculum for my high-schooler. trying to figure out what is overkill and what is necessary. making jello cells and pretty notebook pages seem sufficient to me. but what do i know? i feel like someone should come up with a living high school curriculum. just the same way we do with the little ones. why do we “throw” all that goodness out the window when the kids get a little bigger?

tonight i went shopping for all the things i need for my mama’s birthday dinner. i will be fixing it for her tomorrow. it was just me and my girl and together we perused the aisles of the store. talking to each other in fake english accents. laughing at the silliest of things.

we’ve been having a sleepytime tea with stories a few times a week. just me and the two little ones. they get in their jammies and robes and we sweetly sip our tea out of pretty cups while i read. it is a rather relaxing little ritual and i can see it becoming something we’ll remember forever.

anyhow, i hope you too are taking some time to be pleasantly aloof of all things virtual and experiencing things that you and your children will remember forever….these are such precious. precious days. hours. minutes. but who’s counting? certainly not me…. 


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