oh the things you can do with wool

here is the first creation with my winning wool. a FAT little lamb. he has a pipe cleaner body/frame. his snout and feet are wrapped in black wool yarn. i needle felted his coat on top of it all. it appears to be an easy craft to do with kids. as long as you monitor needle use.

we are also working on a purple bird in a nest and a turtle.

i really liked how easy yet satisfying this was. and can see myself filling that “field” of green felt with a bunch of grazing sheep. and some shepherds. and hanging stars. for a Christmas themed nature table.

oh. the things. you can do with wool. *sigh*.

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4 thoughts on “oh the things you can do with wool

  1. That was really easy?? It sure doesn’t look easy, but I’ll take your word for it =) It’s an adorable sheep, though, and I *really* like your Christmas nature table idea. Sounds lovely!

  2. christine on said:

    he’s adorable. and you make it sound so easy!

  3. Black faced sheep are my favorite! Very cute … really like the idea of shephers and sheep as a Christmas scene.

  4. Regan, Martha Stewart has instructions on felted penguins in the December issue in case you have leftover white and black wool. I can’t find the info online, but if you don’t get the magazine at your library or house zap me your snail mail and I’ll send you the ‘destructions’ as we call them chez nous. Or I could scan them and zap them (I forget about the scanner!) They are too cute!

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