i am so thankful that she has been feeling compelled to help me more in the kitchen these days. that she is just so stinkin’ cute in her little thrifted apron is an added bonus.


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4 thoughts on “help

  1. She can come over to my house and help us!!!

    She does look pretty darn cute in that apron!

  2. Does she know how to braid her own hair … or do you do it?? I hardly ever do my dd’s hair; not that I don’t feel a twinge of guilt over that. Must be the product of having so many boys to get ready in the mornings; she’s left to fend for herself most of the time.

    My MIL does an apron talk … about the history of aprons … for local and state groups. My dd has helped her by modeling the vintage aprons and has had such a fun time traveling with Grandma.

  3. christine on said:


  4. Look at that sweet girl. I WOULD DIE TO HAVE ALL THAT THICK HAIR!!! lucky little girl!

    I have sworn off all candy till I pass my next test. sigh. I have such a sweet tooth!

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