for the road

rebecca is in her pilgrim dress. i used black raw silk. it is a wee remnant left over from the dress my mother made herself for my grandfather, her father’s funeral a few years ago. i know the pilgrims didn’t use silk, but it was the only black fabric that i had. i used simplicity pattern number 0581 and adjusted it a bit. the prayer cap, apron and cape  i came with on my own. using vintage tablecloth and napkin scraps.

this small back pack for my littlest son is made from a pair of my old jeans and the pockets of daddy’s torn camo cargo shorts. i have had this in my mind for some time and there is nothing like the pressure of a trip to force me to sew!

so, today we are off. we’ll head up the california coast. taking our time. stopping at a few missions on the way.  i rally have to get out of here. last night i found myself suddenly worrying about the most ridiculous things. like how the bookshelves needed to be dusted…does anyone else do this before a trip?

signing off now. my husband is tapping his foot…….

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5 thoughts on “for the road

  1. christine on said:

    darling! you know i’m envious of the doll clothes sewing anyway. but this is just over the top cute!

  2. The dress is adorable!

  3. Extra cute, Regan! I can’t even show this to my 7-year-old, or she’ll want one for Kit. Heck, I want one for Kit!! And what a great backpack for your son. It looks just right for a road trip. Enjoy your time together. And happy Thanksgiving once again.

  4. LOVE the doll dress!!
    And, yes. I do the same thing before a trip. Suddenly just as everyone is walking out of the door, the kitchen sink just HAS to be scrubbed. 😛

  5. Have a safe trip! I am THANKFUL for you!!

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