hello december

you are a cold. dark. month. but your flickering advent candles. twinkling lights. flannel sheets. and down comforters are just a few of your redeeming qualities. this morning i thought you had deceived me after that squabble with a grumpy teen. the spilled milk incident at the breakfast table and all those piles of leaves and laundry. you won me over again  with more bulbs to plant. crisp. smoky air as we did school outside this afternoon. and for just a few hours i was distracted by naughty, laughing faces. shells and sand that i keep finding tucked away everywhere. double-pointed knitting needles and luscious brown wool yarn. for just a few hours that big cold house with its’ dirty floors and the fact that i was out of peat moss were the last things on my mind. a couple of deep breaths and i realized there wasn’t anything too wrong. nothing that a good cup of tea couldn’t cure…but i’m not done with you yet december. we’ve only just begun. now: God grant me the grace not to be disappointed in you……

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9 thoughts on “hello december

  1. Your mantle (or maybe it’s a table-top) is so lovely, Regan! It is so right for Advent. I hope you continue to enjoy this December and your Advent is peaceful. It’s finally getting cold here, but not even close to what it could be … I love our flannel sheets, too. Each of my older girls is getting a set for Christmas (Shhh!)

  2. i agree with sarah! that mantle/tabletop is absolutely stunning. i love your advent wreath. ours is a sad, thrift store find – it doesn’t seem worthy of the season, really. but it works for now. i’ll have to keep my eye out for a round silver platter, maybe!

  3. Beautiful photos as always, Regan. Don’t you love the glow of white Christmas lights? I’m always tempted to keep them up all year round!

  4. December is the month I most look forward to in the whole year! It’s Advent, my birthday (shared with a brother), Christmas, and my wedding anniversary all wrapped into one month. For me, it’s even better if there is a moderate amount of snow. Yes, it’s cold, but the sweaters, hats, scarfs and mittens are a fun change … and don’t forget the toasty fireplace and hot cocoa.

    I hope my mantles look as beautiful … haven’t really gotten around to doing any decorating, yet. I worry that it won’t happen!

    Happy Advent & happy December…

  5. Here chicken chicken chicken…here chicken…walk to Minnesota because I really want chickens!!!

    Your mantle is HEAVENLY!!!

  6. Lovely, lovely mantle! A cup of tea and getting outdoors will surely clear any heart and head, even with grumpy teens at hand. Wow, seems we had the same start to our day today, or maybe yours wasn’t today. 🙂 Blessings to you.

  7. MAN! I LUV your pictures!

  8. I absolutely love your mantel or display area. It is so soft and serene.
    I have loved visiting today and enjoying your images. Very uplifting
    God Bless

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