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comfort and joy

in search of some snow this rainy. blustery monday. we headed for the mountains. to nana and papa’s. we didn’t last too long though. just long enough to get marshmallowy. sticky fingers. wet feet. and cold toes.

we did, however, manage to find a little comfort and joy.

hope you’re finding  time this advent for some yourself.

comfort and joy that is.

these really. super. cold days make me want to hibernate. i guess i really am a california girl. it is unusually cold for december. it feels like february outside.

well,  i can’t type very well with frozen fingers so i guess i’d better go and snuggle next to my sleeping husband…besides a little quiet time here and there does my heart good.

but before i do, have a  blessed feast day.

o mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

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