comfort and joy

in search of some snow this rainy. blustery monday. we headed for the mountains. to nana and papa’s. we didn’t last too long though. just long enough to get marshmallowy. sticky fingers. wet feet. and cold toes.

we did, however, manage to find a little comfort and joy.

hope you’re finding  time this advent for some yourself.

comfort and joy that is.

these really. super. cold days make me want to hibernate. i guess i really am a california girl. it is unusually cold for december. it feels like february outside.

well,  i can’t type very well with frozen fingers so i guess i’d better go and snuggle next to my sleeping husband…besides a little quiet time here and there does my heart good.

but before i do, have a  blessed feast day.

o mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

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7 thoughts on “comfort and joy

  1. I hope you stay cozy!

  2. your pictures are deliciously comfort and joy.

  3. I had a peppermint mocha yesterday. Yum. I also got myself the new Starbucks’ drink cup ornament. Cuteness! Love your pics and hope you’re staying warm.

  4. the highs this week in Minnesota will be like eight degrees. UGH!!! BRRRR!!!

    Time to find another body to snuggle with by the fire!!

  5. The snow is really starting to pick up here; we’re under a winter storm alert and could see 8 inches or more by tomorrow a.m. Brrr!!! We are enjoying our fireplace, Christmas lights that glow of comfort and joy, hot chocolate, slippers, and flannel sheets. You pics are great! Those Starbucks cups are so darn cheery; I’m sipping a Peppermint Mocha from one right now! And that last photo is my favorite =) Continued Advent blessings to you, Regan, and a happy feast day, too!

  6. two words:
    PEPPERMINT MOCHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    and, no snow here in ATL – but lots of yucky rain mixed with … cold. brrrr

    and snuggle snuggle – that is ONE thing I LOVE about being frozen at night…. a nice warm hubs to cuddle with 🙂

  7. *and* (warning: whiney whiney tone): I want snow like you have on my blogggggggg. You and Christine have it and i want it toooooo.

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